Notices to members

Notices to members are used by the committees to transmit information to their members that does not fit into one of the other document types. For example, information such as a summary of a delegation visit, a meeting with an expert, questions to a Commissioner, or the publication of petitions received.
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NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0067/2019 by Nuno Pereira (Portuguese) on financial assistance to people affected by the 2017 fires in Portugal

22-01-2020 PETI_CM(2019)639898 PE639.898v03-00


NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1020/2018 by Geoffrey Deasy (Irish) on the phasing-out of non-rechargeable single-use batteries

13-01-2020 PETI_CM(2020)645063 PE645.063v01-00


NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0100/2019 by Emanuel Delia (Maltese) on Malta's failure to implement the EU anti-money laundering legislation

13-01-2020 PETI_CM(2020)645064 PE645.064v01-00


NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0370/2019 by Lucas Estagnasié (French), objecting to the agricultural practice of burning stubble (écobuage)

13-01-2020 PETI_CM(2020)645070 PE645.070v01-00


  COMMUNICATION AUX MEMBRES Pétition nº 0402/2019, présentée par Guillaume Boraud, de nationalité française, au nom de la Défense des Marais de l’Estuaire (DDME), sur le projet d’installation d’éoliennes dans l’estuaire de la Gironde (Natura 2000)

13-01-2020 PETI_CM(2020)645071 PE645.071v01-00


NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0415/2019, by Lucia Noël (French), on the exclusion of the Land Court of Auditors of Saxony from the definition of a public authority within the meaning of the Environmental Information Directive 2003/4/EC

13-01-2020 PETI_CM(2020)645072 PE645.072v01-00


NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0427/2019 by Patricio Oschlies Serrano (Spanish), on behalf of ‘Vida Silvestre’, on the promotion of measures to protect the seas and marine biodiversity

13-01-2020 PETI_CM(2020)645073 PE645.073v01-00


NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition 0436/2019 by Giovanni Bonvento (Italian) on international calls within the European Union

13-01-2020 PETI_CM(2020)645074 PE645.074v01-00


NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0473/2019 by Patrick Vanhoudt (Belgian) on an alleged breach of European election rules for non-citizens in Luxembourg

13-01-2020 PETI_CM(2020)645075 PE645.075v01-00


NOTICE TO MEMBERS Legislative scrutiny time on the implementation of the “NIS Directive”, Directive (EU) 2016/1148

09-01-2020 IMCO_CM(2020)645112 PE645.112v01-00