Poliitikaosakonnad korraldavad seminare, mille eesmärk on anda Euroopa Parlamendi liikmetele võimalus esitada ekspertidele küsimusi ja vahetada nendega arvamusi parlamendi tööga seotud või aktuaalsetel teemadel. Seminarid ei pea tingimata olema avalikud ja neid võib korraldada ka komisjonide koosolekute raames.

21-03-2018 - A fiscal capacity to strengthen and enlarge the Euro Area

BUDG ECON 22-03-2018 - 10:14
Euro Area

21-03-2018 - "A fiscal capacity to strengthen and enlarge the Euro Area - Budgetary aspects for stabilising Economic and Monetary Union" - Joint BUDG/ECON Workshop (Loe lähemalt)

04-05-2017 - Oversight and resources of partially and fully self-financed agencies

BUDG CONT 02-05-2017 - 10:17
Workshop Agencies

The workshop aims to address topics concerning fully and partially self-financed agencies related to both BUDG and CONT committees’ competences. (Loe lähemalt)

21-03-2017 - Revision of the Financial Regulation: Towards an efficient and effective budget cycle

BUDG CONT 29-03-2017 - 16:05
Revision of the Financial Regulation

The Financial Regulation provides the principles and procedures governing the establishment and implementation of the European Union budget and the control of the EU funds. In September 2016, the Commission tabled a proposal to revise this Financial Regulation substantially with a view to simplify it and to improve the flexibility. (Loe lähemalt)

08-02-2017 - Financing of the EFSI and the link between these and other Investment Funds

BUDG ECON 08-02-2017 - 09:58
EFSI Workshop

The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) has been in place for one and a half years now. Experience suggests that despite a clear quantitative success, certain things do not work the way that we had envisaged as Co-Legislator. The deficiencies are not so much linked to the specific provisions of the Regulation but to the way they have been interpreted or implemented on the ground. (Loe lähemalt)

18-01-2017 - The Galaxy of Funds and Instruments around the EU Budget

BUDG 25-01-2017 - 10:47
Workshop on the Galaxy of Funds and Instruments around the EU Budget

In the last years, unexpected events such as the economic crisis and the migration crisis caused by the war in Syria and instability in the region created an increasing financial pressure on the EU budget, and made obvious the need for a greater flexibility and budgetary tools in case of emergencies requiring a financial intervention. (Loe lähemalt)

11-07-2016 - "Mid-Term Revision of the Financial Regulation

BUDG CONT 17-08-2016 - 18:55

In order for the Parliament to give its own input and hear more expert and/or stakeholder views on the forthcoming revision of the financial regulation, a workshop on this issue will take place at the BUDG meeting of 11 July 2016. (Loe lähemalt)