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08-01-2019 - Gender Studies in Hungary - Exchange of views - 8.11.2018

FEMM 16-01-2019 - 15:42
Gender Studies

Gender Studies are at stake in Hungary due to the decision of the government cancelling the funding of the two existing master programmes in this field. (Lasīt tālāk)

08-11-2016 - Quality Research and Innovation through Equality – public meeting

FEMM 09-11-2016 - 08:52

The FEMM Committee organised, in cooperation with Gender Summit EU, a half-day event to discuss "Quality Research and Innovation through Equality". The event took place in the Hemicycle from 9.00 to 12.30 and saw the participation of around 250 delegates from all around the world. (Lasīt tālāk)

21-06-2016 - Make Europe safe from violence: public meeting

FEMM 27-06-2016 - 11:26
Violence against women (Copyright European parliament)

The FEMM working group on violence against women organised a public meeting in order to sensibilise the member States and the EU institutions to the importance of the ratification of the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. Key speakers of the event included representatives of the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the Council Presidency and the EP co-Rapporteurs on the EU accession to the Convention. (Lasīt tālāk)

25-11-2015 - The elimination of violence against women: a European challenge

FEMM 24-06-2016 - 10:34

ROUNDTABLE Working Group on Violence against women (Lasīt tālāk)