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04-12-2019 - 10:45
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  Malta: MEPs conclude fact-finding visit to assess Caruana Galizia murder inquiry


Following recent developments in the investigation into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2017, MEPs visited Malta between 3-4 December to take stock of the situation on the ground.


  MEPs choose Wiewiórowski to be the EU’s data protection watchdog


Mr Wojciech Wiewiórowski was selected by the Civil Liberties Committee as their top choice to become the next European Data Protection Supervisor.


  Rule of Law in Hungary: Council to update the Civil Liberties Committee


MEPs will discuss the Article 7(1) process, initiated by Parliament due to concerns about the rule of law in Hungary, on Thursday with the Council.


  Libya: MEPs to assess situation at detention centres and role of coastguard


The conditions at Libyan detention centres and the procedures used by the country’s coastguard in sea rescues will be the focus of a committee debate on Thursday.


  Europarlamentarai ragina duoti atkirtį Sausio 13-osios bylos teisėjų persekiojimui


ES turi duoti tvirtą atsaką Kremliui, terorizuojančiam Sausio 13-osios bylą tyrusius teisėjus ir prokurorus, pažymėjo europarlamentarai antradienį surengtoje diskusijoje.


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As Chair of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) I am pleased to welcome you on this page.

The LIBE Committee is in charge of most of the legislation and democratic oversight for policies enabling the European Union to offer its citizens an area of freedom, security and justice (Article 3 TEU). While doing so it ensures the full respect of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the EU territory in conjunction with the European Convention on Human Rights and the strengthening of European citizenship.

Our 68-Member Committee carries out its work in daily interactions with the European Commission, the Council of ministers and as well as in close cooperation with national Parliaments. Regular exchanges also take place with representatives from the judiciary, law-enforcement authorities, Justice and Home Affairs EU agencies, academics and civil society.

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