Welcome to the Data Protection Register of notifications of the European Parliament

This register gathers notifications on the processing of personal data carried out by the Institution.

Use the Search Box by entering the key words of the processing operations you are interested in (e.g. recruitment, questionnaire, evaluation etc.), name, surname of the data controller or the service responsible for the processing (e.g. Budget Unit, Directorate for Media, etc.).

The search engine will retrieve all the notifications having the key word in their content.

In the notification which will be retrieved by the search engine, you will find some very useful information on the personal data processing operations (in compliance with Art. 25 and 26 of Regulation EC 45/2001) carried out by the European Parliament, such as: identity of the Data controller, legal basis and purpose of the operation, data subjects whose data are being processed, categories of the data, period and modalities of storage and the recipients to whom data are disclosed in case of transfer data.

You can rely on the Advanced Search to use more specific search fields and to search by consulting the lists of operations, data controllers and services contained in the register.

Please refer to "search help" for more detailed information.



  • For further information, please contact the European Parliament Data Protection Officer or the independent supervisory authority:

    European Parliament Data Protection Officer
    Data Protection Service

  • KAD 02G028

    European Data Protection Supervisor

  • Rue Wiertz, 60
    B-1047 BRUSSELS