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Refugee crisis: EU ministers have yet again failed to act, regrets EP Civil Liberties Committee Chair

"Member states have yet again failed to make tough decisions and provide a compassionate response to the refugee crisis", said the Chair of the European Parliament's Committee responsible for migration and asylum, Claude Moraes. "We are running out of time - the meeting on 8 October is the EU's final chance to agree an organised response to the biggest refugee crisis since World War II in Europe", he added.


In response to Monday's Council meeting, Claude Moraes (S&D, UK) said:

"Today should have been the most important Council meeting to take place on Justice and Home Affairs in the EU’s recent history.

Member states have yet again failed to make tough decisions and provide an organised and compassionate response to the refugee crisis. It is shameful that some of the richest countries in the world cannot stand together and help those fleeing war and persecution in Syria and elsewhere. 

The re-introduction of temporary internal border controls this past weekend clearly shows the need for member states to stick together and find common solutions. The reluctance of member states to show solidarity in response to the crisis has brought certain countries to the breaking point and made them temporarily reintroduce border controls.

This does not mark the end of Schengen; Parliament has always supported open borders within the Schengen area and we will continue to do so. We must not give up on the open borders that have provided great benefits to the European citizens due to petty quarrels over a number of refugees equalling 0,11 % of the total population of the EU".