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Delegation for relations with the Mashreq countries
Délégation pour les relations avec les pays du Mashrek
Meeting / Réunion
08/06/2005 - 15:00 h.
Strasbourg - Salle

1356.266OJDraft agenda of Mashreq delegation 11 May 2005en fr it
2 FDList of members of delegationen
3333.960CRReport of 2003 working group visit to Syria and the Lebanonen es fr
4 FDStatement by Mr Carnero MEP on elections in Beirut Region, the Lebanonfr
4 FDPreliminary Statement on elections in the Lebanon from EU Election Observation Missionen
5 FDEuromed synopsis no 309en fr
5 FDEuromed synopsis 310en fr
5 FDEuromed synopsis no 311en fr
5 FDEuromed synopsis no 312en fr
5 FDEuromed synopsis no 313en fr
5 FDEuromed Synopsis no 315en fr
5 FDEuromed synopsis 316en fr
6 FDEuromed Synopsis no 314en fr
6 FDPress release from Mme De Keyser, MEP on Association agreement with Syriafr
7 FDCalendar of meetings - first semester 2005en

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