Christian ALLARD : Писмени обяснения на вот 

Членовете на ЕП могат да представят писмено обяснение на вота си на пленарно заседание. Член 194

Многогодишна финансова рамка за периода 2021 – 2027 г. и собствени ресурси: време е да отговорим на очакванията на гражданите (B9-0110/2019, B9-0112/2019, B9-0113/2019) EN  

Mr President,
There is much to commend the joint resolution on the next MFF. The SNP fully intends for Scotland to remain in the EU in the coming years, so this issue directly affects all of Scotland’s citizens.
The future financial settlement will come at a time when both Europe and the wider world face new and pressing challenges. With this in mind, the SNP group particularly welcomes the support for the principle of climate mainstreaming and the calls for a meaningful European Green Deal.
Nevertheless, my party considers that taxation matters should remain primarily a Member State competence and we have a long record in this House of opposing moves toward further own resources. We were therefore regrettably unable to support the joint resolution.

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