Mary HONEYBALL : 8th parliamentary term 

Political groups 

  • 01-07-2014 / 01-07-2019 : Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament - Member

National parties 

  • 01-07-2014 / 01-07-2019 : Labour Party (United Kingdom)


  • 25-01-2017 / 01-07-2019 : Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality


  • 01-07-2014 / 18-01-2017 : Committee on Legal Affairs
  • 01-07-2014 / 18-01-2017 : Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality
  • 14-07-2014 / 01-07-2019 : Delegation for relations with South Africa
  • 14-07-2014 / 01-07-2019 : Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean
  • 19-01-2017 / 24-01-2017 : Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality
  • 19-01-2017 / 01-07-2019 : Committee on Legal Affairs


  • 08-07-2014 / 18-01-2017 : Committee on Culture and Education
  • 14-07-2014 / 09-03-2017 : Delegation for relations with Palestine
  • 19-01-2017 / 01-07-2019 : Committee on Culture and Education
  • 10-03-2017 / 01-07-2019 : Delegation for relations with Palestine

Main parliamentary activities 

Contributions to plenary debates 
Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Reports - as rapporteur 
A rapporteur is appointed in the responsible parliamentary committee to draft a report on proposals of a legislative or budgetary nature, or other issues. In drafting their report, rapporteurs may consult with relevant experts and stakeholders. They are also responsible for the drafting of compromise amendments and negotiations with shadow rapporteurs. Reports adopted at committee level are then examined and voted on in plenary. Rule 55

Opinions - as rapporteur 
Committees may draft an opinion to a report of the responsible committee covering the elements linked to their committee remit. Rapporteurs of such opinions are also responsible for the drafting of compromise amendments and negotiations with shadow rapporteurs of the opinion. Rule 56, Rule 57, Annex VI

OPINION on the situation in the Mediterranean and the need for a holistic EU approach to migration  
- FEMM_AD(2015)560730 -  

Opinions - as shadow rapporteur 
Political groups designate a shadow rapporteur for an opinion to follow progress and negotiate compromise texts with the rapporteur. Rule 215

OPINION on the report on the application of Council Directive 2004/113/EC implementing the principle of equal treatment between men and women in the access to and supply of goods and services  
- JURI_AD(2016)589255 -  
OPINION on public access to documents (Rule 116(7)) for the years 2014-2015  
- JURI_AD(2016)571798 -  

Motions for resolutions 
Motions for resolutions are tabled on topical issues, at the request of a committee, a political group or at least 5% of the Members, and voted on in plenary. Rule 132, Rule 136, Rule 139, Rule 144.

Other parliamentary activities 

Written explanations of vote 
Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Rule 194

Negotiations with the United Kingdom following its notification that it intends to withdraw from the European Union (RC-B8-0237/2017, B8-0237/2017, B8-0241/2017, B8-0242/2017, B8-0243/2017)  

Leaving the EU with no transitional arrangements would have catastrophic consequences on jobs and our economy. To provide stability for people and businesses, the only viable solution would mean agreeing to measures falling under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Written questions 
Members can submit a specific number of questions to the President of the European Council, the Council, the Commission and the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union, for written answer. Rule 138, Annex III

Written declarations (up to 16 January 2017) 
**This instrument no longer exists since 16 January 2017**. A written declaration was an initiative on a matter falling within the EU’s competence. It could be co-signed by Members within a 3 month period.

Written declaration on the prevention of commercial sexism against women  
- P8_DCL(2016)0067 - Lapsed  
Date opened : 12-09-2016
Lapse date : 12-12-2016
Number of signatories : 100 - 13-12-2016
Written declaration on an EU Homelessness Strategy  
- P8_DCL(2016)0052 - Lapsed  
Neena GILL , Brian HAYES , Alfred SANT , Karima DELLI , Lynn BOYLAN , Sylvie GUILLAUME , Ivan JAKOVČIĆ , Agnes JONGERIUS , Dimitrios PAPADIMOULIS , Gabriele ZIMMER , Viorica DĂNCILĂ , Mary HONEYBALL , Stefan ECK , Bronis ROPĖ , Hugues BAYET , Klaus BUCHNER , Sylvie GOULARD  
Date opened : 27-04-2016
Lapse date : 27-07-2016
Number of signatories : 310 - 28-07-2016


Declaration of financial interests