Alex AGIUS SALIBA : Kirjalliset äänestysselitykset 

Jäsenet voivat antaa täysistuntoäänestyksestä kirjallisen selityksen. Työjärjestyksen 194 artikla

Biodiversiteettisopimuksen COP15-kokous (Kunming 2020) (B9-0035/2020) EN  

Following the declaration of climate and environmental emergency by the Parliament, we call for more action to halt and reverse biodiversity globally in the crucial COP15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity as well as in the EU. In the current climate emergency, more ambition is needed to protect our environment and biodiversity. This is why I voted in favour of this Resolution.

Talous- ja rahaliiton instituutiot ja elimet: palvelussuhteen päättymisen jälkeisten eturistiriitojen ehkäiseminen (B9-0047/2020) EN  

I voted in favour of this Resolution, which underlines the importance of an open, efficient and independent European administration for the EU as a whole, including institutions, bodies and agencies in the Economic and Monetary Union. Unaddressed conflict-of-interest situations might not only compromise the enforcement of high ethical standards throughout European administration, but also jeopardise the right to good administration, thereby threatening the level playing field required for the proper functioning of the single market.

Valiokuntien jäsenmäärät (B9-0039/2020) EN  

I voted in favour of the European Parliament decision on the numerical strength of the standing committees, which will reflect the future compositions of the committees.

Niistä perusteista ja menettelyistä, joilla ratkaistaan jäsenvaltiossa tai Islannissa tai Norjassa jätetyn turvapaikkahakemuksen käsittelystä vastuussa oleva valtio, tehtyyn EU:n sekä Islannin ja Norjan väliseen sopimukseen liitettävä, lainvalvontatarkoituksessa Eurodaciin pääsyä koskeva pöytäkirja (A9-0053/2019 - Jadwiga Wiśniewska) EN  

I have voted in favour of the report, which is only a technical adjustment that will enable the Republic of Iceland and the Kingdom of Norway to request a comparison of fingerprint data against the data entered by other participating States and stored in the Eurodac database when they seek to establish the identity or get further information concerning a person who is suspected of a serious crime or terrorism or concerning a victim

EU:n ja Kiinan välinen tiettyjä lentoliikenteen näkökohtia koskeva sopimus (A9-0041/2019 - Tomasz Piotr Poręba) EN  

I have voted in favour of the agreement, which aims to comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice and in accordance with the mechanisms and directives in the Annex to the ‘horizontal authorisation’. This agreement with China replaces certain provisions in the existing bilateral air services agreements between Member States and China.

Yhteinen arvonlisäverojärjestelmä pienyritysten erityisjärjestelmän osalta (A9-0055/2019 - Inese Vaidere) EN  

With this proposal, the business environment is easier for SMEs and it becomes easier for small business owners and business start-ups to operate across borders within Europe. It helps reduce administrative burdens and compliance costs, making small businesses more competitive and helping to level the playing field. This can boost job promotion and trade at a crucial moment for the European economy. That is why I have voted in favour of this report.

Euroopan vihreän kehityksen ohjelma (RC-B9-0040/2020, B9-0040/2020, B9-0041/2020, B9-0042/2020, B9-0043/2020, B9-0044/2020, B9-0045/2020, B9-0046/2020) EN  

I have voted in favour of the report, which calls for an ambitious European Climate Law with a legally binding goal for reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest, having an intermediate target of at least 55% for 2030, and setting a goal for 2040. The report is asking the Commission to introduce all the required legislative and non-legislative proposals in the next two years, making all sectors contribute to achieve the emission reduction target. It also asks the Council to adopt the 2030 target in line with the Paris Agreement before June 2020 and expects that all open issues of the Paris Rulebook including Article 6 should be finalised at the COP26 in Glasgow

Erosopimuksen kansalaisten oikeuksia koskevien määräysten täytäntöönpano ja seuranta (B9-0031/2020) EN  

I supported the European Parliament position on this resolution. The resolution rightly so expresses MEPs concern over how the UK and EU27 governments will manage citizens’ rights after Brexit. Furthermore, this resolution addresses a multitude of issues that citizens (both EU citizens residing in the UK and UK citizens residing in the rest of the EU) might face in the event of the UK’s departure from the EU. It also highlights that the Withdrawal Agreement contains fair and balanced provisions to protect citizens’ rights during and after the transition period.

Vuosikertomus ihmisoikeuksista ja demokratiasta maailmassa 2018 ja Euroopan unionin toiminnasta tällä alalla (A9-0051/2019 - Isabel Wiseler-Lima) EN  

I have voted in favour of the report because it is crucial to promote human rights around the globe. The report expresses its deep concern at the attacks on democracy worldwide in 2018, which reflect the rise of authoritarianism as a political project, embodying disregard for human rights, repression of dissent, politicised justice, predetermined election results, shrinking space for civil society to operate in, and limitations on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. The report also underlines the importance of civil society allowing for flexible, timely and effective responses to regimes that violate international law, human rights and democratic principles

Vuosittainen kertomus yhteisen ulko- ja turvallisuuspolitiikan täytäntöönpanosta (A9-0054/2019 - David McAllister) EN  

In the current geopolitical situation with increased security threats in Europe and in our neighbouring countries such as human trafficking, arms trafficking, terrorism attacks and wars, I generally support the idea of coordinating security measures and defence cooperation in Europe, provided that this is in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter and that it does not prejudice the specific character of the security and defence policy of Member States. For that reason, I have abstained on this report because the interests of neutral countries, such as Malta, are not fully taken into account. Malta is a neutral country and the Constitution prohibits participation in military alliances and international cooperative efforts promoting warfare strategies.