Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS : Schriftelijke stemverklaringen 

Ieder lid kan een schriftelijke verklaring over zijn stem in de plenaire vergadering indienen. Artikel 194 van het Reglement

De situatie van de mensenrechten en de democratie in Nicaragua (RC-B9-0251/2019, B9-0251/2019, B9-0252/2019, B9-0253/2019, B9-0254/2019, B9-0255/2019) EN  

Given the scale of repressions executed by Nicaraguan government against human rights defenders and citizens taking part in demonstrations in favour of democracy, I support this resolution. I agree that until the human rights situation and democracy in Nicaragua improves, the democratic clause in the Association Agreement between the EU and the countries of Central America of 2012 should be triggered by suspending Nicaragua from the Agreement. Moreover, European sanctions against Nicaraguan individuals and entities involved into ongoing repressions should be put in place.

Gewelddadige onderdrukking van de recente protesten in Iran (RC-B9-0271/2019, B9-0271/2019, B9-0272/2019, B9-0273/2019, B9-0274/2019, B9-0275/2019, B9-0276/2019) EN  

We continue witnessing disproportional measures taken by Iranian authorities against citizens who are requesting more responsible and into their wellbeing focused governance. Instead, during recent protests hundreds were killed, including children, and thousands were arrested. I support this resolution, which condemns the actions of Iranian authorities and calls for immediate release of everyone arrested and investigation into the deaths and violent acts against protestors.

GLB: financiële discipline vanaf het begrotingsjaar 2021 en flexibiliteit tussen de pijlers voor het kalenderjaar 2020 (A9-0042/2019 - Norbert Lins) EN  

Since preparation of a new Common Agriculture Policy is still in progress and will not be agreed in time for implementation in 2021, we need a smooth transition period during which our farmers would be protected. Therefore, I am in support of both proposals, which will enable the Member States to apply existing procedures designed for 2014-2020 when planning and adjusting finances for agriculture in 2021.

Openbare discriminatie en haatzaaiende uitlatingen ten aanzien van lgbti’s, onder meer wat "lgbti-vrije zones" betreft (B9-0234/2019) EN  

The worrisome signs of growing public discrimination and hate speech against LGBTI people across the EU requires our immediate attention. I see increasing attacks on LGBTI, as well as on women and minorities, not only as violation of fundamental freedoms but also as a threat to the safety and unity of our society. I am worried that hate and harassment prevail in schools, while they should be a safe and empowering place for kids. I condemn any kind of discrimination or violence on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics. Moreover, I reiterate Parliament’s call on the Commission to adopt an EU LGBTI strategy focused on advancing LGBTI equality.

Eerlijke belastingheffing in een gedigitaliseerde en geglobaliseerde economie — BEPS 2.0 (B9-0238/2019) EN  

With this resolution, we express our regret that up until now, there is no unified EU's approach towards the OECD-led negotiations focused on addressing challenges posed by digitalization and globalization of economy, particularly eradicating such ill phenomena as tax evasion, aggressive tax planning and tax avoidance by multinational enterprises. It is of utmost importance that the EU takes an active role in the OECD's the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project and contributes to the reform of the international corporate tax.

EU-initiatief inzake bestuivers (B9-0233/2019) EN  

It is a consecutive time when the Parliament calls for an urgent attention to protection and conservation of pollinators on which depends the health of our environment. It is a vicious circle, without bees, butterflies, moths, beetles and other pollinators, there will not be harvest for farmers, but the latter continue using pesticides harmful for pollinators. With this resolution, we call upon the Commission to boost its efforts in restoring, protecting and developing pollinators’ habitat; also, in reducing the use of pesticides and providing relevant incentives for farmers, among other means.

Het mogelijk maken van de digitale transformatie van gezondheid en zorg (B9-0239/2019) EN  

I am in a strong support of this resolution, as it calls for the application of rapidly developing digital technologies in the healthcare sector. If achieved, this would greatly benefit medical research, including prevention and control of diseases, and would make healthcare services easier accessible to citizens. This resolution contains a number of priority tasks for the Commission. I would particularly like to stress the importance of investing in a proper development of digital skills of healthcare workers and ensuring their adaptability to innovative work approaches.

Macrofinanciële bijstand aan Jordanië (A9-0045/2019 - Luisa Regimenti) EN  

I welcome reports about improving human rights situation in Jordan, particularly on women's rights. I also recognize significant efforts made by Jordan to accommodate Syrian refugees, which put an immense pressure on country's economy and public services. In respect, I am in full support of continuing Union's micro-financial assistance to Jordan.

Maatregelen ter versterking van de administratieve samenwerking om btw-fraude te bestrijden (A9-0047/2019 - Lídia Pereira) EN  

Given the fact that the VAT gap in the EU currently amounts to €137 billion, which is 11,2 % of expected VAT revenue, I support proposed measures, including deepening of communication and interoperability of VAT authorities in the Member States, in order to fight against VAT fraud. I am also in support of recommendations urging the EU Member States to use modern technologies for efficient VAT collection and administration.

Overeenkomst EU-VS over de toewijzing van een aandeel in het tariefcontingent voor de invoer van rundvlees van hoge kwaliteit (aanbeveling) (A9-0038/2019 - Bernd Lange) EN  

Dear President,
I support this agreement because it does not affect current levels of market access for beef to the EU market, but does crucially guarantee the highest possible level of protection for EU consumers. I am for a fair and balanced solution in order to dilute current trade tensions with our long-standing partners, including through this agreement.


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