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Gerard BATTEN : Schriftelijke stemverklaringen - 8e zittingsperiode 

Ieder lid kan een schriftelijke verklaring over zijn stem in de plenaire vergadering indienen. Artikel 194 van het Reglement

De tenuitvoerlegging van het Europees Fonds voor strategische investeringen (A8-0200/2017 - José Manuel Fernandes, Udo Bullmann) EN  

. – UKIP voted to abstain on this non-legislative report. Although the report is broadly critical of the European Fund for Strategic Investments, and expresses concerns which we share, we cannot endorse the strategy of using public money to shelter private investors from risk – it leads to a misallocation of capital that will in turn lead to asset bubbles. Accordingly UKIP voted against the report as a whole.

Europese agenda voor de deeleconomie (A8-0195/2017 - Nicola Danti) EN  

. – UKIP MEPs have voted against this non-legislative, own-initiative report. UKIP are against a ‘European Agenda’ on the collaborative economy. UKIP believe that Member States should be free to create their own laws on the collaborative economy, and that a harmonised approach is not suitable.

Onlineplatforms en de digitale eengemaakte markt (A8-0204/2017 - Henna Virkkunen, Philippe Juvin) EN  

. – UKIP MEPs voted against this non-legislative, own-initiative report. UKIP reject calls for more EU legislation to be produced and are against a harmonised approach to online platforms, as this is an issue for individual Member States. UKIP also oppose the creation of the digital single market.

De humanitaire situatie in Jemen (RC-B8-0407/2017, B8-0407/2017, B8-0408/2017, B8-0409/2017, B8-0410/2017, B8-0411/2017, B8-0412/2017, B8-0413/2017) EN  

. – UKIP abstained overall on this non-legislative and non-binding report. We cannot support EU action or the development of an EU foreign policy but we remain concerned at the ongoing conflict in Yemen and wish to see a long-lasting and stable solution. In particular, we are concerned at attempts by the EU to interfere with Member State trade policy. Whilst, as a party, we are critical of arms sales to Saudi Arabia, this should always remain a matter for the British Government and not the Commission.

Het statuut en de financiering van Europese politieke partijen en Europese politieke stichtingen (B8-0405/2017, B8-0406/2017) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this motion for a resolution because it calls for an end to funding for European parties that do not support the Union. This is inherently undemocratic, especially as it means members of the public who do not support the Union will have no voice.

Bindende jaarlijkse broeikasgasemissiereducties om aan de verbintenissen uit hoofde van de Overeenkomst van Parijs te voldoen (A8-0208/2017 - Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this legislative report. The EU seeks to reduce emissions within its borders while forcing energy-intensive industries offshore to jurisdictions with lower emission standards. We in UKIP oppose EU climate and energy policy. We reject climate hysteria and we believe the EU should accept that the Paris Agreement is close to its end.

Bezwaar tegen Gedelegeerde verordening van de Commissie tot wijziging van Gedelegeerde Verordening (EU) nr. 639/2014 wat betreft de controlemaatregelen voor de hennepteelt en bepaalde betalingsvoorschriften (B8-0395/2017) EN  

. – We supported this objection because it rejects secondary legislation which adds to ‘red tape’ - and completely fails to understand the vital need to remove, simplify and ease the ever-expanding EU bureaucratic burden.

De noodzaak van een EU-strategie tot beëindiging en preventie van de genderpensioenkloof (A8-0197/2017 - Constance Le Grip) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this non-legislative, non-binding report. Principally we oppose any form of EU action, and this report was looking to create an EU strategy. UKIP wholly believe issues such as the ones contained within the report, gender discrimination, gender pay and gender pension gap are issues that need to be tackled. However, UKIP believe that this is the sole competency of the individual Member States. This report calls for more legislation and regulation and seeks to interfere within the domestic life of men and women, which we cannot support.

Verslag 2016 over Servië (A8-0063/2017 - David McAllister) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this non-legislative and non-binding report. We are opposed to any expansion of the European Union and all pre-accession related activities. In particular we are opposed to this reports attempts to infringe on Serbia’s sovereign right to exercise independent foreign relations.

Verslag 2016 over Kosovo (A8-0062/2017 - Ulrike Lunacek) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this non-legislative and non-binding report. We are opposed to any expansion of the European Union and all pre-accession related activities.

Verslag 2016 over de voormalige Joegoslavische Republiek Macedonië (A8-0055/2017 - Ivo Vajgl) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this non-legislative and non-binding report. We are opposed to any expansion of the European Union and all pre-accession related activities.

Stand van zaken rond de uitvoering van het Duurzaamheidspact in Bangladesh (B8-0396/2017) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this non-legislative and non-binding report. We are opposed to any expansion of the European Union and all pre-accession related activities.

De betrokkenheid van de partners en de zichtbaarheid van de resultaten van de Europese structuur- en investeringsfondsen vergroten (A8-0201/2017 - Daniel Buda) EN  

. – UKIP MEPs have voted against this non—legislative report. The report ‘points to the increase in Euroscepticism and in anti—European propaganda that distorts information on Union policies, and calls on the Commission and the Council to analyse and address their causes.’ By the sounds of it, the EU wants to spend more money on dead-end projects that do not convey an accurate message to people living in the EU. The document talked about how the EU wants to increase its dialogue with people in Member States, and it has called on the Commission to focus on an action plan for greater communication. UKIP does not support more money being wasted, nor does it believe that the Commission should be doing anything as it is an illegitimate political entity, and for these reasons voted against.

Kosteneffectiviteit van het zevende onderzoeksprogramma (A8-0194/2017 - Martina Dlabajová, Inés Ayala Sender) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this non-legislative, non—binding report regarding the 7th Research Programme. The 7th Research Programme was an EU project which ran from 2007 to 2013 and had a budget of EUR 55 billion. The money would be spent on grants for research in Europe, but these would also have to have a ‘European added value’. The report says that there was no cost-benefit analysis of the 7th Research Programme, that there was an error rate of about 5% and that there were shortcomings in the oversight of the programme. The report goes on to call for more synergies between EU funds, and states that the Commission operated the programme effectively. UKIP believes that taxpayers’ money should not be used by unaccountable EU institutions. If we didn’t have to waste so much money on EU membership and bureaucracy, we would have more money available to support research in the UK.

Staatloosheid in Zuid- en Zuidoost-Azië (A8-0182/2017 - Amjad Bashir) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this non-legislative and non-binding resolution. Whilst we recognise and sympathise with the issues related to statelessness in the region, in particular the suffering of the Rohingya in Myanmar, we cannot support EU action on the matter. We remain resolutely opposed to the development of any EU foreign policy, and this report makes several calls for such EU action.

Grensoverschrijdende fusies en splitsingen (A8-0190/2017 - Enrico Gasbarra) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this non-legislative report, because the proposal for harmonisation of the legal framework could add additional costs; in addition, any matters relating to tax fraud should be dealt with by the Member State and not the EU.

Participatie van de Unie in het partnerschap voor onderzoek en innovatie in het Middellandse Zeegebied (het Prima-initiatief) (A8-0112/2017 - Sofia Sakorafa) EN  

. – UKIP voted against the legislative report on PRIMA. We in UKIP strongly support the role of research in our society. However, we believe that the EU desperately needs budget cuts as a result of heavy deficiencies in several of its policy areas.

Specifieke maatregelen voor het bieden van aanvullende steun aan lidstaten die zijn getroffen door natuurrampen (A8-0070/2017 - Iskra Mihaylova) EN  

. – UKIP MEPs have voted to abstain on this legislative document. The Commission proposal sought to change some bits of legislation to allow the EU to pay for 100% co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund for reconstruction efforts and also to make it easier to pre-authorise EU money for use in affected countries. The Commission stated that these changes will not need new money or raising of budget ceilings. This proposal has come about primarily because of recent horrendous earthquakes in Italy. This doesn’t mean the EU will be making the UK pay more money - it will just mean the EU will be able to use the money it already has more quickly to help give relief to areas hit by natural disasters.

Energie-efficiëntie-etikettering (A8-0213/2016 - Dario Tamburrano) EN  

. – UKIP voted against the legislative report on energy labelling. Despite the changes proposed by the EU parliament, we in UKIP believe that the new EU Commission proposal on energy labelling will bring great uncertainty for the industry and great confusion to consumers. We believe that this regulation is unnecessary and that it will be a new EU burden to deal with.

Culturele hoofdsteden van Europa voor de periode 2020 tot 2033 (A8-0061/2017 - Santiago Fisas Ayxelà) EN  

. – UKIP voted against this legislative report, which amended the 2014 decision on the establishment of the European Capitals of Culture for the years 2020—2033. This we believe is another propaganda scheme, to promote the EU and its values. This report extends the scheme beyond the EU Member States to allow participation from EFTA and EEA countries, which only confirms the self-promotion of the EU on a wider international scale.