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Presentation and competencies

The European Parliament gave its assent to the Economic Partnership Agreement CARIFORUM-EC on 25 March 2009. It is the first full EPA to be concluded and implemented. Its article 231 provides for the creation of a CARIFORUM-EU Parliamentary Committee, whose main task is to monitor the application and management of this commercial agreement. It also states that the Parliamentary Committee shall cooperate with the Joint Parliamentary Assembly provided for in Article 17 of the Cotonou Agreement, and be able to request of the Joint CARIFORUM-EU Council specific relevant information regarding the implementation of the Agreement and make recommendations to the same Council, as well as to the CARIFORUM-EU Trade and Development Committee.
The Parliamentary Committee comprises two delegations with an equal number of members from the European Parliament and from Parliaments of the CARIFORUM states respectively. The decision to establish the permanent European Parliament Delegation to the Committee was taken on 15 June 2010 and a constituent meeting of the delegation was held on 8 September 2010. Out of the 15 members of the EP delegation, nine members are from the Committee on International Trade and six from the Committee on Development. The first meeting of the CARIFORUM-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee took place on 15 and 16 June 2011.