The Chamber

What happens in the Chamber?

Photograph of the Chamber

Are you wondering what happens in the Chamber during plenary sittings?

This interactive animation will answer your questions.

Float the cursor over the various areas of the Chamber to find out what happens there: from the President’s desk to the interpreters’ booths, the political group seats and the visitors’ gallery – it’s all there!

Chamber seating plans

Interactive Hemicycle

For plenary sittings, the 751 Members of the European Parliament meet in the Chambers in Strasbourg and Brussels.

Members sit in political groups. Those who do not belong to a group sit as non-attached Members.

There are two Chamber seating plans, one for Strasbourg and one for Brussels; they are updated for each part-session.

Priority information and documents

  • Final draft agenda for the extraordinary sitting of 11 December 2019 (Brussels)

    02-12-2019 14:00
  • Draft agenda for the sittings of 16-19 December 2019 (Strasbourg)

    09-12-2019 12:10
  • Deadlines for the December part-session (Strasbourg)

    09-12-2019 17:00
    See document
  • Actions taken on Parliament's positions and resolutions

    30-10-2019 15:45