Pollution of drinking water: the Mid-Chilterns Chalk groundwater body (Thames River Basin District, UK06) and the UK's obligations under EU drinking water legislation

Question for written answer P-002104/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Jean Lambert (Verts/ALE), Philippe Lamberts (Verts/ALE)

18-04-2019 P-002104/2019

Persistent problem of salmonella-infected meat from Poland

Question for written answer P-002098/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Jiří Pospíšil (PPE)

18-04-2019 P-002098/2019

Infringement of the labour rights of Portuguese workers at the Lajes Air Base

Question for written answer P-002097/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Sofia Ribeiro (PPE)

18-04-2019 P-002097/2019

Fundamental right to conscientious objection to military service

Question for written answer P-002045/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Jo Leinen (S&D)

18-04-2019 P-002045/2019

The EU's response to allegations of mistreatment and human rights abuses in an EDF-funded project in Messok Dja

Question for written answer P-002044/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Maria Heubuch (Verts/ALE)

18-04-2019 P-002044/2019

Commission monitoring of activities hindering the formation of the European area of freedom, justice and security

Question for written answer P-002043/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski (NI)

18-04-2019 P-002043/2019

Social Assistance (Principles) Act

Question for written answer P-002030/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Monika Vana (Verts/ALE)

18-04-2019 P-002030/2019

VP/HR - EU funding through PEGASE and education in UNRWA schools

Question for written answer P-002029/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Anna Elżbieta Fotyga (ECR)

18-04-2019 P-002029/2019

Seventy-five million Europeans fall victim to a serious crime every year

Question for written answer P-002018/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Dominique Martin (ENF)

18-04-2019 P-002018/2019

Ensuring plurality and equal media coverage of the views and actions of the parties represented in European Parliament in the forthcoming European elections

Question for written answer P-002013/2019
to the Commission
Rule 130
Notis Marias (ECR)

18-04-2019 P-002013/2019


Parliamentary questions

Parliamentary questions are questions addressed by Members of the European Parliament to other European Union Institutions and bodies. They are a direct form of parliamentary scrutiny of other EU institutions and bodies.
There are three categories of parliamentary question:

  • Questions for oral answer dealt with during plenary sittings, and included in the day's debates. They may be followed by a resolution ( Rule 128)
  • Questions for Question Time asked during the period set aside for questions during plenary sittings ( Rule 129)
  • Written questions with a request for a written answer ( Rule 130)