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10-12-2019 16:30 - EU institutional dynamics: Ten years after the Lisbon Treaty

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As Europe marks the tenth anniversary of the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, EPRS is organising jointly with the EP Former Members’ Association (FMA) and DG Communication, a special discussion with some of those most closely involved in institutional developments over the last decade, with a specific focus on the trajectory of the two EU institutions strengthened most by the Treaty, the European Parliament and the European Council.

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Speakers will analyse changes since 2019 and the outlook for the future. Speakers:
  • David SASSOLI, President of the European Parliament
  • Hans-Gert PÖTTERING, Former EP President; President of the FMA
  • Herman VAN ROMPUY, President Emeritus of the European Council
  • Enrique BARÓN CRESPO, Former EP President; former President of the FMA
  • Othmar KARAS, Vice-President of the European Parliament
  • Danuta HÜBNER, MEP, Former Member of the Convention on Future of Europe
  • Jeppe TRANHOLM-MIKKELSEN, Secretary-General of the Council of the EU
  • Vincenzo GRASSI, Secretary-General of the European University Institute (EUI)
  • Ana GOMES, Former MEP
  • Desmond DINAN, Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University

Locatie: Auditorium, House of European History
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11-12-2019 13:30 - Take-aways from 2019 and outlook for 2020: What Think Tanks are Thinking

Diverse activiteiten - EPRS
EPRS event on 11 December

As the European Union undergoes a leadership transition in several of its institutions, it faces an array of significant challenges, both domestic and international. These include slowing growth, global trade tension, uncertain US leadership, the continued rise and digital ambitions of China, instability in the Middle East, political stalemate in several member state capitals, and the prospect of Brexit. [...]

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Among the top priorities of the new European Commission are a 'European Green Deal' and a comprehensive EU strategy on AI. While 2019 proved a less difficult year than many predicted, much remains to be done to in relation to economic reform, foreign policy-making and effective action on climate change. Analysts from leading European think tanks will discuss what was significant about 2019, for Europe and the world, and present their thinking about the outlook for 2020.

Locatie: Library Reading Room, 5th floor, Altiero Spinelli Building
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Volgens artikel 193 van het Reglement kan een commissie een hoorzitting met deskundigen beleggen wanneer zij deze noodzakelijk acht om een bepaalde zaak naar behoren te kunnen afhandelen. Hoorzittingen kunnen ook gezamenlijk door twee of meer commissies worden gehouden. De meeste commissies houden regelmatig hoorzittingen om deskundigen te horen en over kernzaken te kunnen discussiëren. Op deze pagina staat alle informatie over de hoorzittingen van commissies, inclusief programma's, posters en bijdragen van de sprekers.


De workshops worden georganiseerd door de beleidsondersteunende afdelingen in overeenstemming met het Financieel Reglement. Workshops zijn niet altijd openbaar; maar kunnen worden gehouden tijdens commissievergaderingen.

Tijdens workshops kunnen leden vragen stellen aan en van gedachten wisselen met deskundigen over onderwerpen die verband houden met de parlementaire werkzaamheden of met de actualiteit.

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