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17-02-2020 17:00 - Respect for minorities, beliefs and religions

Audiere - DROI

This hearing will examine the state of international law on freedom of thought, conscience and religion and study lessons learned from past policies and actions that have contributed towards its protection. Participants will also discuss best practices of interreligious dialogue for promoting tolerance and fighting against discrimination based on religious motivations.

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The EU must continue its efforts to protect freedom of thought, conscience and religion, without fostering a particular belief, both inside and outside its borders.

Locul de amplasare: Room: SPAAK 5B001
Ultima actualizare: 17-02-2020

17-02-2020 15:00 - Digital advertising and consumer information

Audiere - IMCO
promotion on the Internet for a web page, advertising, calling through a shout, online alerting

With the digital revolution and in particular the ever growing online shopping sector, we notice a shift in advertising, moving from the traditional concept of a "consumer" to the "user" of websites, online platforms and social media. Users are often subject to targeted advertising that can influence their choice and constitute profiling. While advertising via traditional channels has to abide by strict rules, digital advertisement is vastly unregulated.

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This has led to e.g. children being exposed to unsuitable advertisement or to social media in particular being used to promote counterfeit products.

Against this background, the aim of this event is to hear academia and stakeholders' views, both from the business side and from organisations dealing with consumer protection, on how consumers are informed and if they have a choice when it comes to online profiling (panel 1); as well as if consumers and especially vulnerable groups are protected from disguised digital advertising (panel 2).

Locul de amplasare: room SPINELLI 3G3
Ultima actualizare: 11-02-2020

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17-02-2020 13:30 - The Dilemma of Disinformation: How should democracies respond?

Alt eveniment - EPRS
EPRS event on 17 February 2020

Democracies all over the world — including the United States and the European Union — are currently seeking to find adequate responses to the threat of online disinformation, which is often sponsored by authoritarian state actors. This EPRS event, held jointly with the Stanford Internet Observatory, will look at the options available to democratic countries in their (regulatory) responses to the threat of disinformation. How can we respond effectively without compromising our core values? [...]

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Alex STAMOS, Director of Stanford Internet Observatory and former Facebook Chief Security Officer, will present the Observatory's recent research on these topics. He and a panel of experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities for democracies facing the 'disinformation dilemma'.
  • Alex STAMOS, Director, Stanford Internet Observatory; former Chief Security Officer, Facebook and Yahoo
  • Paul NEMITZ, Principal Adviser, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, European Commission
  • Wojtek TALKO, Communication Adviser to Vera JOUROVÁ Cabinet, Vice-President for Values and Transparency, EC
  • Erika WIDEGREN, Chief Executive Officer, Re-imagine Europe
  • Naja BENTZEN, Policy Analyst, Members' Research Service, EPRS, EP

Locul de amplasare: Library Reading Room, Altiero Spinelli Building, 5th floor, European Parliament, Brussels
Ultima actualizare: 13-02-2020


06-02-2020 10:30 - Exchange on the CWP - European Regions and the EPRS

Alt eveniment - EPRS

Systematically connecting the various levels of government in the multi-level system of EU governance is to make the European Union more integrated and stronger in its diversity. Linking the Levels unit (LINK) of the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) is inviting representatives of European regional executives to a meeting in order to present our work and exchange views on the Commission’s Annual Work Programme 2020 (CWP).

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Programme of the event:
10:30 - 10:45: Welcome and presentation of the EPRS and Linking the Levels
10:45 - 11:15: Brief introductions of regional representatives present
11:15 - 11:30: Presentation of the CWP 2020
11:30 - 12:00: Exchange of views on the CWP 2020 and regions' priorities for 2020

In case you have any questions, please send an email to: EPRS-LinkingLevels@ep.europa.eu.

Locul de amplasare: Room 06D128, Altiero Spinelli Building, 5th floor, European Parliament, Brussels
Ultima actualizare: 20-01-2020

05-02-2020 13:30 - EVENT CANCELLED - Understanding EU policy on climate change: State-of-play [...]

Alt eveniment - EPRS

This event is cancelled.

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Locul de amplasare: EVENT CANCELLED
Ultima actualizare: 03-02-2020

04-02-2020 13:30 - Economic and budgetary outlook 2020: Update on prospects or growth, jobs and the MFF

Alt eveniment - EPRS
EPRS event on 4 February 2020

This event will launch the fourth annual ‘Economic and Budgetary Outlook for the EU’ published by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS). Policy analysts, academics and think tank experts will look at the major macro-economic trends in Europe today, the international role of the euro, the EU budgetary settlement for 2020 and emerging battle lines over the new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). [...]

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Monika Hohlmeier MEP, Chair of the Budgetary Control Committee and Rapporteur for the 2020 Budget, and Marek Belka MEP, former Director for Europe at the IMF, will open the event. Cinzia Alcidi from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and André Sapir from Bruegel will provide expert insight in what promises to be a very timely discussion on the European economy.

Locul de amplasare: Library Reading Room, Altiero Spinelli Building, 5th floor, European Parliament, Brussels
Ultima actualizare: 29-01-2020

30-01-2020 13:30 - ‘Sidetracked’ - A dystopian Brexit novel: David Harley in conversation

Alt eveniment - EPRS
EPRS event on 30 January 2020

EPRS is hosting a Book Talk with David Harley, former Deputy Secretary-General of the European Parliament, who has recently published ‘Sidetracked’, a political thriller set in post-Brexit England. In the novel, Matt Barker quits his Westminster job and sets up a movement to bring down an English nationalist government. Against the odds, his personal idealism and radical proposals draw increasing support. […]

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The prime minister uses every means to crush the uprising, but at the next general election, Barker narrowly wins. The establishment refuses to accept the result. A major crisis follows...

Locul de amplasare: Library Reading Room, 5th floor, Altiero Spinelli Building, European Parliament, Brussels
Ultima actualizare: 20-01-2020


29-01-2020 18:15 - The Future of Artificial Intelligence for Europe

Atelier - STOA

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  • 18:15 - 18:20 Welcome and introduction

Eva Kaili, MEP and STOA Chair

  • 18:20 - 19:00 Conversation with

Margrethe Vestager, European Commission Executive Vice-President

  • 19:00 - 19:20 Fireside chat with

Anthony Gooch, OECD

Andrea Renda, CEPS

  • 19:20 - 20:00 Q&A Discussion

Locul de amplasare: European Parliament, Brussels - Altiero Spinelli building, room 3G3
Ultima actualizare: 13-02-2020

29-01-2020 13:00 - Where all students can succeed: Analysing the latest OECD PISA results

Alt eveniment - EPRS
EPRS event on 29 January 2020

This EPRS policy roundtable, held in conjunction with the OECD, will look at the quality and equity of learning outcomes attained around the world, based on the latest results of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for the year 2018. PISA measures, every three years, 15-year-olds’ ability to use their reading, mathematics and science knowledge and skills to meet real-life challenges.[…]

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Its findings are often used as guidelines for governments and parliaments to shape educational policies. The roundtable will bring together experts from the European Parliament, OECD and CEPS to discuss issues such as what students know and can do, how education systems are succeeding in helping all students learn, and what school means for students' lives in different countries.

Locul de amplasare: Library Reading Room, Altiero Spinelli Building, 5th floor, European Parliament, Brussels
Ultima actualizare: 27-01-2020



În conformitate cu articolul 193 din Regulamentul de procedură, o comisie poate organiza o audiere cu experţi, atunci când acest lucru este considerat esenţial pentru activitatea sa cu privire la o anumită chestiune. Audierile pot fi organizate şi în comun, de două sau mai multe comisii. Majoritatea comisiilor organizează audieri regulate, deoarece acest lucru le permite să intre în contact cu experţii şi să aibă discuţii cu privire la chestiunile-cheie. Această pagină vă pune la dispoziţie toate informaţiile disponibile privind audierile comisiilor, inclusiv programele, posterele şi contribuţiile vorbitorilor.


Atelierele sunt organizate de departamentele tematice şi sunt gestionate în conformitate cu Regulamentul financiar. Acestea nu au loc neapărat în public, însă pot avea loc în cursul reuniunii unei comisii.

Atelierele le permit deputaţilor să adreseze întrebări experţilor şi să aibă un schimb de opinii cu aceştia pe teme legate de activitatea parlamentară sau pe teme de interes general.

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