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Legal background

Access to documents is governed by legislative provisions and the following rules

Regulation(EC) N°1049/2001 defines among others the beneficiaries and scope, the exceptions, the rules to apply on access to documents, the processing of the applications by the institutions.
It also provides the definition of a register and the basic information it must contain. Each institution shall adapt its rules of procedure to the provisions of this Regulation.

The Bureau decision of 28 November 2001 established the implementation of the Regulation by the European Parliament. It defines the responsabilities for the monitoring of the recording of documents in the public register and the processing of applications for access to the documents.
Applications for access to documents, introduced in any written form, in one of the official languages of the EU, are deait within 15 working days in accordance with the conditions and limits set by Regulation (EC) N°1049/2001.