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European Parliament's public register website

  • The European Parliament's public register website contains references to documents produced or received by the institution since 03 December 2001. The vast majority of these documents can be directly consulted and downloaded from the website, free of charge.
  • Documents are organized in categories.
  • The structure of the public register website can be modified according to the evolution of the Parliament's types of documents
  • The current categories of documents are:
    1. 1. Documents relating to parliamentary activity
    2. 2. European Parliament general information documents
    3. 3. Official documents forwarded by other institutions and Member States
    4. 4. Documents from third parties
    5. 5. Budgetary procedure
    6. 6. Other categories of documents disclosed in the framework of Regulation (EC)1049/2001

The category relating to parliamentary activity contains documents related to the plenary, to the commitees and delegations, it also includes Member's activities and governing bodies' documents.

Requests for documents may be submitted:
European Parliament
  • Public Access to documents

    Rue Wiertz 60
    B-1047 Bruxelles
  • In order to enable us to process your request, please state your surname, forename, address, town and postcode, country, and telephone number.
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