What is Eurobarometer ? 

Since 1973, the European institutions commission regular public opinion surveys, the Eurobarometer, in all EU Member States.

In 2007, the European Parliament launched its own specific Eurobarometer series. These surveys cover a wide range of issues, focusing on citizens' perceptions and expectations towards EU action, and the main challenges the Union is facing. The surveys also measure in detail citizens’ attitudes towards the EU and the European Parliament, while also keeping a close eye on the public’s views on the European elections.

Due to this long-running exercise, the analysis of the results provides detailed insight into trends and evolution of public opinion on European issues, both on a national and a socio-demographic level.

European elections

A dedicated series of the Parliament Eurobarometer is carried out in view of the European elections. It focuses on Europeans’ attitudes in the run up to the European elections, gauging Europeans’ interest in the elections and their opinions on the European project.

Detailed post-electoral analyses, conducted in the wake of the European elections, complete this important contribution to better understanding Europeans citizens’ voting behaviours.


The Parlemeter is an annual Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Parliament in all EU Member States since 2007. It focuses on Europeans’ views of the European Parliament. The surveys measure Parliament’s public image and role, and how much citizens know about it.

The Parlemeter also monitors public opinions on EU membership and its benefits, citizens’ feeling of identity, European vs national citizenship, political priorities and values.

Specific surveys

Parliament also uses the Eurobarometer surveys to assess public opinion on specific topics, either focussing on specific socio-demographic groups such as the European youth or related to the activity of the institution, e.g. gender equality or the social and economic crisis. Some publications of this category are dedicated to historical trends monitoring the major changes in European public opinion since 1973.

Presented on a timeline, data show the perception Europeans have of the EU through its major steps, being institutional, political, economic and social.

Plenary insights

Each plenary session Members are provided with a selection of recent Eurobarometer data on key topics of the session, aiming at empowering Members in their political and communication activities by informing the debate in a timely and relevant manner.

This section assembles all editions of this newsletter published so far.

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