Socio-demographic trends in national public opinion - Edition 5 

Part of each Eurobarometer survey is a set of key indicator questions on citizens’ opinions on the European Union. Presented over time, these questions not only show the development of public opinion in each EU Member State, but also the differences in opinion when broken down by gender or age.

Following the results of the Spring Eurobarometer 2019 survey ‘Closer to the Citizens, Closer to the Ballot’, a set of 28 national factsheets presents graphically the changes occurred in public opinion in each Member State from 2007 until March 2019.

These national results, separated by age and gender, and compared to the EU average results, can be consulted for the key Eurobarometer questions:

  • My voice counts in the European Union
  • Membership of the European Union
  • Benefits of membership
  • Role of the European Parliament
  • Campaign Topics