Plenary Insights – January 2020 

DG Communication is continuously monitoring public opinion by conducting the regular Eurobarometer surveys in all 28 EU Member States. This newsletter aims at providing the general public with the most recent Eurobarometer data on key topics of this week’s plenary agenda.

In this edition, we use data from the European Parliament’s Parlemeter 2019 published in December 2019, the European Commission’s Standard Eurobarometer 92, whose first results were made available at the end of December 2019, as well as Parliament’s Eurobarometer 91.5 published in June 2019.

From these surveys, data is available on the following items:

  • Presentation of the programme of activities of the Croatian Presidency
  • European Parliament’s position on the Conference on the Future of Europe
  • The European Green Deal
  • Article 7(1) of the TEU: Hungary and Poland

The Eurobarometer surveys cover a wide range of issues. Parliament’s surveys focus primarily on the citizens’ perceptions of the European Parliament and the EU as well as Europe’s main policy challenges, presented as the result of face-to-face interviews conducted with more than 27.000 respondents across the EU. Together with the Eurobarometer surveys conducted by the European Commission, the data available allows for a detailed and up-to-date insight into citizens’ opinions, expectations and perceptions.