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NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0334/2020 by María Cristina Cores (Spanish) on how the European Union has reacted to the COVID-19 outbreak EN

31-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655829 PE655.829v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0355/2020 by J.M.B. (Spanish) on the coronavirus crisis EN

31-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655830 PE655.830v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0368/2020 by Melanie Von Der Taubenmühle (German) on measures to protect the population from pandemics EN

31-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655831 PE655.831v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0426/2020 by E.A.C. (Spanish) on the alleged infringement of the Constitution and the violation the rights of movement and work of its citizens during the COVID-19 crisis in Spain EN

31-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655836 PE655.836v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0433/2020 by Jose Ortega Ortega (Spanish) against the measures restricting free movement of persons during the mandatory confinement of citizens due to the COVID 19 EN

31-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655837 PE655.837v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0441/2020 by Sergio Santamaria Santiagosa (Spanish) on limitation of the information rights during the Corona Virus crisis EN

31-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655838 PE655.838v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0460/2020 by Gabriella Magyar (Hungarian) on a joint, centralised action against Ryanair customer handling EN

31-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655841 PE655.841v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0461/2020 by A.P. (Portuguese) on the lack of action of the European Union in the COVID-19 crisis EN

31-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655842 PE655.842v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0838/2018 by Klaus Samer (German) on equipping electric vehicles for taking power from the grid EN

30-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)638811 PE638.811v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0837/2018 by Markus Baumgarth (German) on air pollution by aircraft EN

30-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)639887 PE639.887v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0171/2019 by B. K. (German) on insect mortality due to street lights Petition No 0104/2020 by A.S. (German) on the effects of LED streetlights on insects EN

30-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)640682 PE640.682v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0517/2018 by Róbert Pikáli (Slovakian), on behalf of Élő Vidék Gazdaplatform, bearing two signatures, on alleged EU subsidy fraud in Slovakia EN

30-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655786 PE655.786v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0411/2019 by Florian Herzberg (German) on improving cross-national train connections EN

30-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655787 PE655.787v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0462/2019 by Guy Froment (French) on the status of French volunteer firefighters EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)648442 PE648.442v02-00 PETI

Petition 0417/2019, by Michele Campanelli (Italian) on the incorrect transposition of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency in Italy EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655789 PE655.789v01-00 PETI

Petition 0470/2019, by A. S. (Greek) on the transport of musical instruments by airline companies EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655790 PE655.790v01-00 PETI

Petition 0513/2019, by Paula Echenique (Spanish) on restrictive interpretation regarding the eligibility of products derived from frogs for European Maritime Fisheries funding EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655791 PE655.791v01-00 PETI

Petition 0585/2019, by Jürgen Wippler (German) on mobile phones with dual sim card and the use of different mobile phone providers EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655792 PE655.792v01-00 PETI

Petition 0756/2019, by P.T. (German) on an EU-wide disability card EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655793 PE655.793v01-00 PETI

Petition 0757/2019, by Simon Reinelt (Hungarian) on no-kids-allowed policies in the hospitality industry EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655794 PE655.794v01-00 PETI

Petition 0837/2019, by Deepak Rajani (German) on standard dimensions for carry-on luggage as part of EU Air Passenger Rights EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655795 PE655.795v01-00 PETI

Petition 1104/2019, by K.-U.O. (German) on noise pollution from motorcycles and other motorised devices EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655796 PE655.796v01-00 PETI

Petition 1123/2019, by H.J.F. (German) on the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook and losses caused to consumers EN

27-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655797 PE655.797v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No Petition No 0774/2019 by Zoltán Tóth (Hungarian) on the prohibition in the EU of fruit concentrates treated with macro-synthetic resin EN

23-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653918 PE653.918v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition 0490/2019 by Stefan Thien (German) on standardising professional driving qualifications EN

23-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655600 PE655.600v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0537/2019 by M.B. (German) on air passengers’ rights EN

23-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655601 PE655.601v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0740/2019 by Steve Bentley (Bulgarian) on the use of English aviation language in the EU aviation maintenance environment EN

23-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655602 PE655.602v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0754/2019 by D.P.S. (Belgian) on consumer rights in the context of Regulation (EU) 608/2013 EN

23-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655603 PE655.603v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0773/2019 by S.B. (Greek) on supposedly unequal treatment on the base of disability of a family member EN

23-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655604 PE655.604v01-00 PETI

ZÁPIS - Čtvrtek, 2. července 2020

14-07-2020 PETI_PV(2020)07-02-1 PE654.035v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0942/2018 by Oliver Murphy (British) on establishing a common European fiscal policy EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655595 PE655.595v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0359/2019 by Bernard Gallay (French) on lifetime annuities in France EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655596 PE655.596v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0401/2019 by S. S. L. (Spanish), on behalf of the association ‘Plataforma Toledo Aire Limpio’, on the need for a change in the European Union’s energy and environmental policy on waste treatment and management EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655597 PE655.597v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition 0433/2019 by Emanuela Agnese Basilicata (Italian) on prostitution in Italy EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655598 PE655.598v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0485/2019 by Paraskevas Louloudakis (Greek) on the pension insurance law 4387/2016 in Greece and alleged discrimination between pensioners EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655599 PE655.599v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0793/2019 by M. R. (Poland) on alleged discrimination against the euro by one of the banks in Poland EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655605 PE655.605v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0954/2019 by Ignacio Benitez Domínguez (Spanish) on measures to prevent discrimination against the deaf and hard of hearing EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655607 PE655.607v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0984/2019 by Sabino Grobas (Spanish) on the need to update the compensation amounts provided for in Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655608 PE655.608v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0998/2019 by Guy Froment (French) concerning a potential violation of European law in the event of dismissal for ‘abandonment of post’ in the French civil service EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655609 PE655.609v01-00 PETI

Petition 1045/2019, by José Fidel Giménez Zardoya (Spanish) on the conversion of the professional category of Administrative Assistant to the category of Administrator in Spain EN

10-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)655610 PE655.610v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0038/2019 by L.B. (Romanian) on discrimination by eBay against buyers from Romania EN

09-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)639735 PE639.735v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0005/2019 by Barbara Klinner (German) on migration issues in Greece, in particular on the island of Samos Petition No 1016/2019 by Nicolò Govoni (Italian), on behalf of the not-for-profit organisation Still I Rise, on alleged abuses against unaccompanied minors and their living conditions in the Samos refugee camp in Greece EN

09-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)640648 PE640.648v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1002/2019 by F.P.D.R. (Spanish) on his pension calculations (personal case) EN

09-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653928 PE653.928v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1082/2019 by M.I.C.C. (Spanish) on the refusal to allow the hunting of goats and mouflon sheep on her client’s estate in Badajoz and the order that the animals be gradually eliminated EN

09-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653929 PE653.929v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition 1204/2019 by J.M.I.A. (Spanish) on age discrimination and respecting the right to work EN

09-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653934 PE653.934v01-00 PETI

DRAFT AGENDA - Tuesday, 14 July 2020 EN

07-07-2020 PETI_OJ(2020)07-14_1 PE654.079v01-00 PETI

Petition 1136/2019, by Simon Witt (Dutch), on behalf of Surfrider Foundation Europe, on the extension of a mole in Leixões, Portugal EN

06-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)650611 PE650.611v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0076/2019 by Manuela Giacomini (Italy), on behalf of Animal Welfare Foundation, on blood farms and Pregnant Mare’s Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG) EN

03-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)639899 PE639.899v03-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0080/2019 submitted by I. T. G. (Spanish), on behalf of ‘Plataforma frenem la contaminació’, on air quality in the Grau area of Castellón, Valencia EN

03-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)640671 PE640.671v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0222/2019 by M.K. (German) on the introduction of specific provisions and toll payments for heavy goods vehicles applicable throughout Europe EN

03-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)641204 PE641.204v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0096/2019 by Arnau Domènech Romero (Spanish) on the creation of a standard EU-level air pollution badge and classification of vehicles for traffic restrictions EN

03-07-2020 PETI_CM(2019)643045 PE643.045v02-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0264/2019 by K. Z. (Polish), on behalf of Rada Miejska (municipality) in Brzozów, bearing 247 signatures, on financial support for road building EN

03-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653909 PE653.909v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0041/2019 by György Csóti (Hungarian), on behalf of Kisebbségi Jogvédő Intézet, on property restitution in several Member States EN

03-07-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653963 PE653.963v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1107/2019 by Matthew Clack (British) on urging the WTO to recognise that absence of environmental regulation represents an “actionable subsidy” EN

30-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653930 PE653.930v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition 1112/2019 by K. B. (German) on acoustic signals when boarding trains, in line with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1300/2014 EN

30-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653931 PE653.931v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1121/2019 by G. C. (Greek) on alleged confiscation by Greek customs of vehicles bearing a foreign registration plate EN

30-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653932 PE653.932v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition 1122/2019 by J. L. (German) on amending the Ecodesign Regulation (1253/2014) EN

30-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653933 PE653.933v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1248/2019 by Cosmin Florian Ignatiuc (Romanian) on stopping illegal logging in Romania EN

30-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653937 PE653.937v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1261/2019 by Elisabet Karatza (Greek) on an alleged breach of EU law regarding agricultural subsidies in Greece EN

30-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653939 PE653.939v01-00 PETI

Petition 1105/2018, by Kremena Petrova (Bulgarian), on behalf of the Association “Nova Zagora wants to breathe” (“Нова Загора иска да диша”), bearing 1176 signatures, on a biogas production plant in Nova Zagora, Bulgaria EN

29-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653729 PE653.729v02-00 PETI

Petition 0694/2019, by Joan Pere Guiu García (Spanish) on the need for the Spanish authorities to correctly apply Regulation (EU) No 540/2014 on the sound level of motor vehicles EN

28-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653916 PE653.916v01-00 PETI

Petition 0771/2019, by I.M.F. (Spanish) on the need to promote the installation of guardrails throughout the European Union EN

28-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653917 PE653.917v01-00 PETI

Petition 0791/2019, by A.F. (German) on fitting level crossings with barriers EN

28-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653919 PE653.919v01-00 PETI

Petition 0795/2019, by Dancho Stoyanov (Bulgarian) on alleged non-compliance of the heating supply in Bulgaria with European Union Law EN

28-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653920 PE653.920v01-00 PETI

Petition 0801/2019, by P. R. (French) on the need to include environmental protection measures to prevent deforestation in the EU-Mercosur trade agreements EN

28-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653921 PE653.921v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1275/2019 by Marios Achelleos (British) on banning pornographic content on the Internet EN

25-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653940 PE653.940v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1318/2019 by D.S.J. (Spanish), on behalf of ISPOL - La Rioja (La Rioja local police platform), on homogeneous salaries in the La Rioja local police forces (Spain) EN

25-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653941 PE653.941v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0269/2020 by Jonathan Beedell (British) on help to protect the residents and asylum seekers from Covid-19 in the Aegean islands EN

25-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653942 PE653.942v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0307/2020 by T.M.F (German) on travel restrictions imposed by the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Denmark because of Covid-19 EN

25-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653943 PE653.943v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0348/2020 by P. C. (Portuguese) on European solidarity to face the decease COVID19 between the Member States EN

25-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653944 PE653.944v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0387/2020 by Antonio Martino (Italian), on behalf of the Tax Department of DLA PIPER Italy, on the exemption of VAT for goods and services donated in the fight against and management of the pandemic due to Covid-19 EN

25-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653945 PE653.945v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0516/2020 by Josef Fradler (Austrian) on the permission for private storage for meat EN

25-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653946 PE653.946v01-00 PETI

DRAFT AGENDA - Thursday, 2 July 2020 EN

25-06-2020 PETI_OJ(2020)07-02_1 PE653.956v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0342/2019 by M.E. (German) on the award of public procurement contracts to haulage companies EN

24-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653910 PE653.910v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0365/2019 by Geert Spanninga Wigcher (Dutch) on the lack of taking into account revenues obtained in another EU Member State in view of granting a loan EN

24-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653911 PE653.911v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0377/2019 by José Antonio Maciá Gómez (Spanish), on behalf of the FAVE Citizens’ Platform for the Train for Hellín and the surrounding district, on a rail connection for the town of Hellín EN

24-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653912 PE653.912v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0392/2019 by M. W. (German) on evacuation procedures of airplanes EN

24-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653913 PE653.913v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0598/2019 by D.W. (Irish) on objections to an EU-funded helicopter service in the UK EN

24-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653914 PE653.914v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0648/2019 by P. T. (Bulgarian), on behalf of the Union of European Green Energy Manufacturers, on alleged wrongful transposition of the European directives concerning its energy goals EN

24-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653915 PE653.915v01-00 PETI

NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0813/2019 by Augustus Christie-Paige (British) on sustainability labelling for food packaging EN

24-06-2020 PETI_CM(2020)653922 PE653.922v01-00 PETI