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Welcome to the ENVI Committee website.
Counting 69 Members, the ENVI Committee is the leading legislative Committee of the European Parliament.
It is responsible for a wide range of policy areas including waste and resource management, air and water quality and the protection of biodiversity, to name only a few. Members are dedicated to promoting a resource-efficient and sustainable Europe.

The fight against climate change is at the core of the committee''s work. It remains high on the agenda in this legislature as work is progressing on crucial proposals including the ETS review, the Effort-Sharing of greenhouse gas emission reductions between the EU Member States and land-use, land-use change and forestry. The circular economy will be another area of focus in the second half of this parliamentary term, in view of the ongoing revision of the waste legislation.
ENVI is also committed to proposing European solutions to public health and food safety issues impacting European citizens.
We hope that this website will provide you with extensive insight in our work and invite you to comment on any topic which is of importance to you.
Adina-Ioana Vălean