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Upcoming Broadcast

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Next CULT Committee meeting: 1 October 2020

24-09-2020 - 16:07
The next CULT Committee meeting with remote participation will take place on Thursday 1 October from 09.00 to 11.00 and from 18.15 to 18.45.
Meeting room: JAN 6Q1
The meeting will be webstreamed.

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Vice-President Margaritis Schinas
24-09-2020 - 15:43

The key event of the CULT meeting of 22 September was the structured dialogue with Vice-President Margaritis Schinas who appeared before the CULT Committee for the first time since his hearing as then Commissioner-designate in September 2019 to set out the upcoming education package that the Commission intends to publish on 30 September. The package has two central strands – an updated Communication on the European Education Area and a revamped Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP).

Research for CULT Committee - The use of Artificial Intelligence in the Audiovisual Sector - Concomitant expertise for INI report
22-09-2020 - 09:49

This paper contributes towards the identification of current activities, important priority topics and crucial needs in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the European audiovisual sector. This document was provided by the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies on the request of the CULT Committee in order to support the drafting of the own-initiative report (INI) “The use of artificial intelligence in the education, culture and audio-visual sectors”.


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