Upcoming Broadcast

Upcoming Broadcast

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25-05-2020 - 11:45

An extraordinary Committee Meeting (with remote participation) will be held on Monday, 8 June 2020 (13.45 - 15.45 and 16.45 - 18.45).

The meetings will be with remote participation for Members (being able to view and listen to proceedings, ask for the floor and intervene in the meeting). Other participants are invited to follow the meeting through webstreaming.

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Hearings of Paolo Gentiloni
25-05-2020 - 16:50

On 20 May, Members held an exchange of views with Commissioner Gentiloni, responsible for the Customs Union, as part of the structured dialogue, and focused on the EU response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the work ahead. Commissioner Gentiloni presented the role of the Commission in coordinating Member States’ actions, also in light of the Joint European Roadmap towards lifting Covid-19 containment measures. The exchange also focused on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on MFF proposals.

Commissioner for Internal Market, Mr Thierry Breton, speaking
20-05-2020 - 11:42

On 18 May, IMCO Members exchanged views with Commissioner Thierry Breton on the EU coronavirus exit strategy. The discussion focused on the Joint European Roadmap towards lifting Covid-19 containment measures, presented by the President of the Commission on 15 April 2020. The Commission was invited to present its views on the gradual lifting of lockdown measures in a controlled way, on the proactive monitoring by the Commission of the compliance with EU law of national restrictions,

robot and human hands artificial intelligence
05-05-2020 - 16:54

The study addresses the new challenges & opportunities for digital services that are provided by artificial intelligence, in particular which regard to consumer protection, data protection, and providers’ liability. It also addresses the way in which digital services rely on AI for processing consumer data and for targeting consumers with ads and other messages, with a focus on risks to consumer privacy and autonomy, as well as on the possibility of developing consumer-friendly AI applications.

Hearings of Margrethe Vestager -Danish-Europe fit for the digital age.jpg
05-05-2020 - 14:44

Executive Vice-President Vestager made a presentation in which she focussed on the EU’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis - the recovery would have to embrace the green transition and digital transformation. She indicated that mobile apps for contact tracing could help to allow an easing of the lockdown, but emphasised the importance of creating a system that commands citizens’ trust and highlighted the importance of apps being interoperable.

Briefing of Commissioners
05-05-2020 - 14:21

This briefing indicates that further action is needed to promote strategic public procurement and in particular Green Public Procurement requiring low carbon, life-cycle and circular approaches in public purchases. The EU should increase – in tandem with the provision of assistance and tools – the number of mandatory green procurement requirements, either through technical specifications in the sectoral directives or through delegated acts to the procurement directives.

Three frames in a blue wall
05-05-2020 - 12:51

This study presents an overview of possible options for an effective model of enforcement for a future Digital Services Act. Four key areas of regulatory design are emphasised; the failure of self-regulation in relation to platforms; the importance of correct regulatory framing; the necessity of focusing on the internal operations of platforms; and that the scope of a Digital Services Act should be limited but include robust transparency and enforcement measures.


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