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Farm to Fork Strategy: presentation by DG AGRI and DG SANTE (June 11)

22-06-2020 - 10:03
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In the context of the European Green Deal, the Commission published on 20 May the « Farm to Fork » strategy. This Communication sets out a vision for a European Food system until 2030. It covers a wide range of policies such as agriculture, food safety, environment and climate change. By adopting a Food system approach, it acknowledges the mutual dependency and interconnectedness of all actors from farmers/producers to citizens/consumers.

It aims to ensure that our Food system contributes to a carbon neutral society by transitioning to sustainable and resilient production and consumption, offering farmers and rural communities a viable future while providing citizens with quality food and a healthy environment. The Committee for Agriculture, together with other Committees including for Environment, will be jointly responsible to ensure a comprehensive contribution from the EP to this important part of the European Green Deal.