Los talleres son organizados por los departamentos temáticos y permiten a los diputados formular preguntas a expertos e intercambiar opiniones con ellos sobre temas relacionados con la actividad parlamentaria o temas de actualidad. No se celebran necesariamente en público, pero pueden celebrarse durante una reunión de comisión.

02-04-2019 - Workshop on Conflicts of Interest

PETI 04-04-2019 - 16:26
Two businessmen keep the arrows red and green against each other, concept of conflict of interest

On 2 April 2019, the Committee on Petitions will host a workshop on Conflicts of interest in the EU institutions, organized by the Policy Department on Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs. The workshop will examine the achievements reached during this parliamentary term in relation to the conflicts of interests in the EU institutions and agencies, as well integrity, accountability, transparency, code of conducts and revolving doors, while also discussing challenges for the future. (Más…)

24-04-2018 - Workshop ‘Political and electoral rights of non-citizen residents in Latvia-Estonia’

PETI 28-05-2018 - 15:51
Three wooden human figures stand together next to a tick in the box. The concept of elections and social technologies. Volunteers, parties, candidates, constituency electorates. Human rights.

The workshop presented an analysis on political and electoral rights of non-citizen residents in Latvia and Estonia on the basis of petition 747/2016. This petition, which collected about 20.000 signatures, concerns the situation of non-citizen residents in Latvia and Estonia who are not entitled to vote in the European and national parliamentary elections. The workshop described the background of the Latvian and the Estonian citizenship situation giving an historical and legal perspective. (Más…)

12-10-2017 - Workshop on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

PETI 18-10-2017 - 10:43
Protection of the rights of persons with disabilities

PETI plays an important role in the EU framework for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Forming part of the 2017 PETI research programme, the upcoming workshop consisted of two panel sessions and the presentation of a new study on inclusive education. The first session focused on developments relating to the UNCRPD and the EU context, while the second session addressed legal and social protection for persons with disabilities. (Más…)

09-11-2016 - Workshop on the rights of persons with disabilities

PETI 19-12-2016 - 15:45
poster of workshop with time, location, date and a hand wiping a black board

The Committee on Petitions constantly receives petitions alleging violations of the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities. On 9 November 2016, Directorate General for Internal Policies Policy Department C: Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs Legal Affairs organized a Workshop on the rights of persons with disabilities, as illustrated in petitions. (Más…)

28-01-2016 - The impact of the economic crisis on access to health and medicines from the perspective of petitions received

PETI 02-02-2016 - 13:49

The workshop organised by the Policy Department examined citizens' concerns related to the access to healthcare and medicines during economic crisis. Experts from academia and practioners in the field made presentations on different aspects of problems caused by the budget cuts in the healthcare industry in the EU Member States and worrying situation with the access to healthcare for people living in the EU. (Más…)

01-12-2015 - Workshop on Adoption: Cross-border legal issues

JURI PETI 06-12-2016 - 11:02

Following the Committee's on Petitions fact-finding visit to London on 5-6 November, the workshop organised by the Policy Department examined citizens' concerns, petitions and legal issues related to cross-border adoptions in the EU. Experts in the field of family law made presentations on different aspects of the cross-border recognition of adoptions, which is the subject of a report of the Committee on Legal Affairs. (Más…)