Protection of the rights of workers in temporary or precarious employment

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On 22 November 2017 from 14.30 to 18.30 in room ASP A3G-3, the Committee held a public hearing on the topic of the protection of the rights of workers in temporary or precarious employment. During the current legislature, the Committee on Petitions has received a significant number of petitions signalling concerns of citizens employed on a temporary basis or under precarious conditions, across the EU.

This hearing offered an opportunity to the MEPs, the participants, the public and other actors to reflect in a better way on the complexity of employment types with the aim of clarifying the situation of different categories of workers.

The hearing was divided into two panels. The first panel addressed working conditions in Europe in 2017 with panellists from different academic centres and think tanks, while the second panel focused on the legal and socio-economic impact of precarious or temporary types of contracts. During this part workers union's representatives, employers and petitioners took the floor.

Following the panels the floor was opened for a debate.