Presentation of Delegated act on administration of tariff quotas


    European Commission - Administration of tariff quotas - Poultry

Producer Organisations


    Study on Producer Organisations
    Producer Organisations - DG AGRI

Presentation of scientific opinions on the health and welfare of rabbits (EFSA)


    EFSA scientific opinions on rabbit welfare
    The killing of rabbits for purposes other than slaughter
    Rabbits farmed in different production systems
    Stunning methods and slaughter of rabbits

Animal Health


    Animal Health - Delegated Acts - Presentation (2020.01.22)
    Anti-microbial resistance (2017.11.13)

Food 2030 - Research & Innovation for tomorrow's nutrition and food systems


    Presentation by Mr John Bell, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission

African Swine fever


    The State of play of and the EU measures taken to control African swine fever (2017.10.10)
    Update on African swine fever (2020.01.22)

The EU farming employment: current challenges and future prospects


    Presentation of a study on EU farming employment - A. Maucorps & B. Schuh - OIR Gmbh - 5.12.2019

Kept terrestrial animals - Establishments and traceability: Delegated act


    Presentation by the European Commission

The future of food and farming


    Megatrends in the agri-food sector (Study presentation - 2019.11.05)
    The Future of Food and Farming (2018.02.22)
    The Future of Food and Farming - Communication (2017.11.29)
    Food 2030 - Research & Innovation for tomorrow's nutrition and food systems (2017.11.22)

Common Agricultural Policy post-2020


    CAP Transitionary Measures Regulations - European Commission - Presentation (2019.11.05)
    Simplification and Subsidiarity - European Commission - Presentation (2019.08.30)
    A comparative analysis of global agricultural policies - Lessons for the future CAP - Presentation of the study
    Environmental benefits and simplification - European Commission (2019.01.23-24)
    The new green architecture - Commissioner Hogan (2019.01.24)