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Photo of Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society
16-06-2020 - 14:59

Following the announcement of the New Generation EU ITRE has invited Commissioner Gabriel to discuss the impact of the recovery plan on the R&I landscape in the Union. The exchange of views was also expected to focus on the role of the research framework programme in the recovery plan.

Parliament has set out its position on an ambitious coronavirus recovery plan to reboot the EU economy. MEPs are calling for citizens, the environment and digitalisation to be at the heart of the next long-term budget and the economic recovery.
12-06-2020 - 16:24

On Friday 12 June, the Director Generals of DG GROW, DG RTD, DG ENER and DG CONNECT met with the ITRE Committee to discuss the impact of the New Generation EU recovery plan on their areas of remit. The debate provided further clarification on the implementation of the recovery plan, including the various instruments within it.


L'évaluation des options de politique scientifique et technologique pour le Parlement européen

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