The Women’s role in preventing radicalisation in the world - Hearing - 10.10.2018

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With the right information and tools, prevention is the best weapon against radicalisation, in which women are so fundamental. This, however, is often missed by legislators. This hearing will discuss how with proper collaboration, information and experience sharing, women can become agents of change and a centrepiece of the prevention strategy.

The quality of our speakers will allow us to analyse the phenomenon of violent radicalization and the role that women can play in preventing it from several perspectives. We will have the opportunity to get a first-hand input from two speakers who have had direct contact with radicals and with their mothers. The academic perspective will bring us data in order to enrich our understanding of violent radicalization. Finally, the link with the external dimension of the EU will show us how the different EU policies, internal and external, combine in order to combat extremism in the world.