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The Monthly Highlights publication provides an overview, at a glance, of the on-going work of the policy departments, including a selection of the latest and forthcoming publications, and a list of future events.

Monthly Highlights October 2020
16-10-2020 - 16:13

In this issue of the Monthly Highlights newsletter, AFET Chair David McAllister talks about the impact of the COVID-19 disease on international relations and presents a recent study that looks at the impact of the pandemic on geopolitics. This edition also features topics related to monetary policy, cohesion policy in non-urban areas, eCommerce and online contents filtering, and how the MS benefit from the EU budget. The new Commissioners-designate commitments briefings are also announced.

Hand scrolling pictures from an industrial landscape to a green forest on a lake side
14-09-2020 - 12:01

In this issue of the Monthly Highlights newsletter, CONT Committee Chair Monika Hohlmeier talks about the EP’s role in ensuring sound financial management of the EU budget and presents a new study on the 50 largest beneficiaries of the CAP and cohesion fund in each Member State. This edition also features topics related to climate related expenditure, the Arctic strategy, affordable housing, artificial intelligence and the safety of journalists. Forthcoming publications and events are announced.

Woman in mask
06-07-2020 - 19:00

In this issue of the Monthly Highlights newsletter, LIBE Committee Chair Juan Fernando López Aguilar presents a briefing paper that examines the impact of COVID-19 measures adopted by the Member States on democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights. This edition also features topics related to gender equality, the budget, artificial intelligence, agriculture, and Africa. Forthcoming publications and events are also announced.

Cohesion, research, development, culture, Infographic banner with elements in this line style.
16-06-2020 - 10:44

The educational, cultural and creative sectors across Europe have been severely affected by the impact of COVID-19-related measures. In this issue of the MH newsletter, CULT Chair Sabine Verheyen announces two research papers with policy recommendations to support the sectors' recovery and enhance their resilience to similar crises. This edition also focuses on fundamental rights, sustainable energy, trade with China, e-commerce, and the cohesion policy. Forthcoming publications are announced.

11-05-2020 - 17:16

In this issue of the newsletter, Director-General for Internal Policies Riccardo Ribera d'Alcalá talks about the key role that parliamentary committees play in shaping the European exit strategy from the COVID-19 health crisis and adopting the necessary measures towards rebuilding the economy. Other issues featured in this edition include the environment, the rule of law, the budget, and biodiversity and human rights. Forthcoming publications are also announced.

Badge with the EU flag on the shoulder of a soldier
10-02-2020 - 16:19

In this issue of the newsletter, SEDE Chair Nathalie Loiseau discusses the increased role of the EU in security and defence in the Continent and announces four research papers that take stock of the achievements and remaining challenges for the development of the CSDP. Other issues featured in this edition include health, cohesion, women’s rights, and budget. Forthcoming publications and events are also announced.

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I seminari consentono ai deputati di porre domande e scambiare opinioni con gli esperti su materie correlate all'attività parlamentare o di interesse attuale.

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Note sintetiche sull'UE

The Fact Sheets provide an overview of European integration and of the European Parliament's contribution to that process.

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Valutazione delle opzioni di politica scientifica e tecnologica per il Parlamento europeo

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Think Tank

The Think Tank page provides access to all the expertise sources available in the Parliament.

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