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03-07-2020 - 09:11

An extraordinary Committee Meeting (with remote participation) will be held on Monday, 6 July (13.45 - 15.45) and Tuesday, 7 July 2020 (09.00 - 11.00) in Jozsef Antall (4Q1).

The meetings will be with remote participation for Members (being able to view and listen to proceedings, ask for the floor and intervene in the meeting). Other participants are invited to follow the meeting through webstreaming.

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Data exchange and global network over the world 3D rendering elements
04-07-2020 - 09:36

At their meeting on 6 July, Members will consider the amendments and compromise amendments to this draft report which welcomes the commitment made by the Commission on 19 February when it announced its Digital Strategy: “Shaping Europe's digital future”, and in particular the commitment to submit a proposal for a Digital Services Act package. The rapporteur calls on the Commission to submit such a package following a set of recommendations like the improvement of the rules on transparency

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04-07-2020 - 09:36

As it is customary at the beginning of each new Council presidency, the IMCO members will be holding an exchange of views in committee with the relevant German ministers to discuss the priorities of the presidency. On Tuesday, 7 July, they will exchange with Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Christine Lambrecht, Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection.

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04-07-2020 - 09:35

On 29 June, IMCO adopted this opinion to CULT report by 32-3-2. However, after verification, the votes of 3 MEPs which were validly cast, were not taken into consideration during the vote, the final result is 34-3-3. The Rapporteur for the opinion secured 11 compromise amendments, broadly supported by the political groups, focusing on the need to involve educators, learners and wider society in the deployment of AI, ensure transparency of the algorithms, create a proper framework

Product Safety Box Package Tested Compliant
30-06-2020 - 16:51

On 29 June, IMCO considered 289 amendments tabled to this draft Report. The Rapporteur underlined that the common aim is to improve the safety for all products, including those offered online and manufactured in third countries. The Rapporteur also highlighted that a common understanding should be found on the need to take into account the digital challenges, in particular AI, IoT and robotics and cybersecurity. She also underlined that the Parliament should keep a balanced risk-based approach


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