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The attacks on the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights in Poland need to be addressed urgently, say a majority of MEPs in the Civil Liberties Committee.

The Civil Liberties Committee will discuss the use and protection of personal data in managing COVID-19, including smartphone apps, with EU data protection experts.

MEPs will quiz Commissioner Johansson on the future of the border-free Schengen zone, common migration and asylum policy and security in the context of the pandemic.

The New Pact on Asylum and Migration that the Commission is set to present soon is an “opportunity to give fresh and much-needed impetus to legal and safe migration”.

The EU should stop channeling funds to Libya to manage migration and to train its coastguard, as the violation of human rights of migrants and asylum-seekers continues.

MEPs will discuss with Commission, Frontex, UNHCR, Council of Europe and NGOs the migration situation in Libya and on the Central Mediterranean route.

Civil Liberties MEPs backed on Thursday two agreements with Belarus to facilitate the return of persons without the right to stay and the issuance of visas for short trips.

The EU and its member states must help Greece manage its borders, according to Civil Liberties MEPs, who warn about the risk of COVID-19 spreading in refugee camps.

The Civil Liberties Committee highlights that any extraordinary measure adopted by the Hungarian government in response to the pandemic must respect the EU’s founding values.

EP Piliečių laisvių, teisingumo ir vidaus reikalų komiteto pirmininko Juan Fernando López Aguilar (Socialistai ir demokratai, Ispanija) pareiškimas dėl atkuriamos vidinių ES sienų kontrolės.