Fact-finding visit to Italy: 17 - 19 July 2017

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The Committee on Petitions conducted a fact-finding mission to Taranto, Italy, on 17-19 July 2017. The delegation visited the ILVA plant (Europe's largest integrated-cycle steelworks), the ENI oil refinery, and the site of the planned extension of the oil jetty. The purpose of the mission was to provide a follow-up to a series of petitions concerning heavy pollution of the air, soil, surface and ground waters both at the ILVA site and in the nearby Tamburi quarter.

The objective of the mission was to meet petitioners and national, regional and local authorities in order to obtain up-to-date information on matters raised by the petitioners and to identify viable solutions to the longstanding environmental problems. To this end, the delegation met with the Commissioner for Environmental Reclamation, the agencies ARPA and ASL responsible for overseeing environmental and public health policy, as well as the technical and administrative managers of ILVA and ENI.

A certain number of petitions are related to a pending infringement procedure (2013/2177) on the breach of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED 2010/75/EU) and the Seveso Directive (2012/18/EU), commenced by European Commission in view of ensuring that the Italian authorities take all the necessary measures to reduce as much as possible the emissions produced by ILVA.