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Cancellation of all FEMM Committee meetings until 30 April 2020

02-04-2020 - 16:37
FEMM Meeting FEMM Meeting
FEMM Committee Meeting © @European Parliament
In the context of the exponential growth of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the President of the European Parliament has announced a number of measures to contain the spread of epidemic and to safeguard Parliament's core activities.

On 2 April, the Conference of Presidents updated the EP's calendar of activities to introduce an extraordinary plenary session on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 April in Brussels, and additional dates for remote meetings for EP governing bodies, committees and political groups.

The current precautionary measures adopted by the European Parliament to contain the spread of COVID-19 do not affect work on legislative priorities. Core activities are reduced, but maintained to ensure that the institution's legislative, budgetary, scrutiny functions are maintained.

Following that decision, all FEMM Committee meetings have been cancelled until 30 April 2020.

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Hands holding “Stop Violence” sign
08-04-2020 - 09:31

Chair, Evelyn Regner, urges the EU and member states to increase support: These days and the weeks ahead are especially dangerous for women. Just as we all face major psychological challenges through isolation or quarantine, they mean a special stress test for women in family environments or tense partnerships. We, therefore, must not neglect our commitment to the fight against violence against women. On the contrary, we must now pay particular attention and expand the corresponding offers.

for Istanbul Convention
06-04-2020 - 14:41

Strasbourg, 06.04.2020 - A new report from the Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO) determines that while gender-based violence is now at the “forefront of public debate”, many Council of Europe member states should do more to end such violence.


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