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Conflicts of interests - infographic banner with elements in this line style.
24-06-2020 - 15:34 PETI

‘Conflict of interests’ is defined in many legal acts and codes of conduct at international and EU level. The regulations of EU agencies are not homogeneous on the degree of independence that agencies should maintain from the Institutions and Member States. This study reviews and assesses the existing rules and policies on conflicts of interests in EU agencies and examines if and how scrutiny can be improved, and if it is required to streamline and enhance the coherence of the rules in place.

Trade and Biodiversity - infographic banner with elements in this line style.
24-06-2020 - 15:33 INTA

This In-depth analysis confirms that international trade has a direct impact on EU biodiversity through imported invasive species and pathogens, and an indirect effect on global biodiversity through the ‘virtual’ water, land, and deforestation contained in EU imports.

Cohesion, research, development, culture, Infographic banner with elements in this line style.
18-06-2020 - 12:29 REGI

Evaluation is the collection of evidence to formulate a judge-ment on the merits of an inter-vention, programme or policy. Cohesion Policy is one of the most evaluated EU policies. This study analyses the role of evaluation in Cohesion Policy, with a focus on the 2014-2020 programming period. It presents and assesses those EU rules which shape evaluations and their implementation at both the EU and MS levels. Based on this evidence, it discusses possible options for the post–2020 period.

Emerging hands in fron of the EU flag
18-06-2020 - 12:29 LIBE

The regulatory framework under which the Fundamental Rights Agency operates is not fully appropriate for it to discharge its mandate effectively. The FRA faces four limitations: its areas of work are defined only every five years; its Regulation does not explicitly set out its role; it can only submit opinions based on a request by an EU institution; and its sole focus on the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This study looks into how this situation could be improved.

A green city skyline with a green globe behind
18-06-2020 - 12:29 BUDG CONT

How the EU budget can best assist in the necessary transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy? The Commission's proposal intends to provide support to territo-ries facing serious socioeconomic challenges related to the transition towards climate neutrality. This report analyses how the EU can best ensure a ‘just transition’ in all its territories and for all its citizens with the tools at its disposal.

EU's and China's flag
18-06-2020 - 12:28 INTA

EU-China trade and investment relations have been expanding very fast in recent years, making the bilateral economic relationship one of the most important ones globally. The study requested by the INTA Committee analyses the current state of trade and investment relations with China and recommends actions for the EU and the EP on how to deal with rising challenges coming out of China (technology, Belt and Road Initiative).

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