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The European Parliament wants to reduce the death toll on roads by making driver assistance systems a must in every new vehicle in the EU

The TRAN own-initiative report on the deploying of a range of new safety measures in road transport was voted with a vast majority in the November plenary in Strasbourg: 593 votes in favour, 39 against and 53 abstentions. The report assesses the efficiency and appropriateness of measures for achieving the EU goals on the reduction of the number of fatalities on EU roads.

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Parliament will hold a conference on tourism as a key driver of growth and job creation. The event will focus on, amongst others: attracting investment and improving the business environment; tourism innovation; and promoting Europe as a tourist destination. It will take place on 27.09.17 with the participation of stakeholders and institutional representatives including from the Committees on Transport and Tourism, on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, and on Culture and Education.