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The Importance of Evaluation of outcomes in Healthcare and Hospital Experiences

Brussels, Altiero Spinelli Building room A3 E-3
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Policy Hubs are fora for dialogue and debate among experts within the European Parliament and other institutions, as well as the wider academic community. The discussions focus on topical issues on the agenda of Parliament's political bodies.

The sustainability of healthcare services is a central topic for local and central governments in Europe. In the healthcare services, providers and payers are used to evaluate and measure efficiency. Efficiency is crucial to maintain the system, to offer a reliable services for patients, to optimize revenues for hospitals and expenses for payers, and, finally, to define benchmarking inside of the system. Besides of efficiency, we need the measurement of effectiveness of healthcare services through the measurements of outcomes on patients. The measurement of outcomes is difficult and scientifically and practically demanding, and a standardization is needed.

The policy hub will provide a general overview on outcomes measurement in healthcare, the current international projects on this topic, and some examples in the real hospital world.