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Usnesení EP

Resolution on the implementation and review of the EU-Central Asia Strategy

The European Parliament adopted by 605 votes to 66 with 25 abstentions, a resolution on the implementation and review of the EU-Central Asia Strategy.

Members pointed out that the strategic approach adopted to date to shaping relations with Central Asian countries has demonstrated only limited viability and success. They called on the EU and the five Central Asian countries to make serious efforts to achieve the aims and goals of this strategy.

In this regard, the EU is called upon to:
  • cooperate more intensively on an ad hoc basis with those Central Asian countries that wish to go beyond the EU Strategy for Central Asia;
  • ensure that the that the disbursement of EU funds is based on measurable progress with regard, in particular, to the fields of democratisation, preventing and fighting corruption, free and fair elections, human rights, ending drug trafficking, respect for labour rules, good governance, the rule of law, development, human security and good neighbourly relations. [...]