A word from the chair

Welcome to the website of the European Parliament's Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

I am grateful for the trust that the members of the EU Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly have placed in me by electing me as their Chair. Succeeding personalities of great prestige and experience, who have left a legacy of great responsibility, I will be Chairman of this Delegation during a period of huge challenges.

I am committed to ensure that the EU Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly makes a strong contribution to strengthening a partnership between equals and promotes sustainable development in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda, within a framework that advances and defends human rights, the rule of law and respect among peoples.

I count on all the elected members of this Joint Assembly and on the technical and political teams that support them, so that together we can transform a genuine desire of cooperation and development into tangible results in people's quality of life and the planet's sustainability.

Carlos Zorrinho

Declaration by the ACP-EU JPA Co-Presidents on Guinea Bissau

31-10-2019 12:30
The Co-Presidents of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Mr Carlos Zorrinho and Mr Joseph Owona Kono, express their deep concern with the current political developments in Guinea-Bissau and deem the Presidential decree aiming to dismiss Prime-Minister Gomes and his Government as unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

Such a move weakens the efforts put in place for elections and the programme that has been approved by the national Parliament with support from both regional and international partners, notably proven by the ECOWAS statement on the matter on 29 October 2019.

They call for the presidential elections foreseen on November 24th to be pursued and for all necessary measures to be taken to ensure stability and peace in the run-up to the elections and to allow for free, fair and transparent elections. They call on all actors to respect and promote the electoral process and not to take any actions that risk undermining it.

Brussels, 31 October 2019

Declaration of the Co-Presidents on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize 2019

31-10-2019 12:30

The Co presidents of the ACP-EU Joint parliamentary Assembly, Carlos Zorrinho and Joseph Kono, warmly congratulate the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia Dr Abiy Ahmed, on being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace 2019 by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

They recall that only a few months after becoming Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed managed to achieve a peace agreement with Eritrea, an extraordinary accomplishment after decades of conflict between the two countries and a major contribution to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. He has also initiated important reforms favoring the freedom of expression and fighting corruption. It is our hope that the award of the Nobel Peace Prize will encourage the Prime Minister and his government to continue building on the reforms in order to promote human rights and rule of law, peace and stability in the country as well as in the region.

The Co-Presidents join in celebrating this achievement with the people of Ethiopia and urges them to extend the same spirit of reconciliation and brotherhood across the nations.

Brussels, 16 October 2019

Constitutive meeting 26.09.2019

01-10-2019 14:52

The constitutive meeting of the Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (DACP) was be held on Thursday, 26 September 2019, from 09:00 to 09:45, in Brussels.
The following Members have been elected:

Chair: Mr Carlos ZORRINHO - (S&D), PT
1st Vice Chair: Ms Chrysoula ZACHAROPOULOU - (RE), FR
2nd Vice Chair: Ms Jadwiga WIŚNIEWSKA - (ECR), PL
3rd Vice Chair: Mr Dan NICA - (S&D), RO
4th Vice Chair: Ms Elżbieta Katarzyna ŁUKACIJEWSKA - (EPP), PL
5th Vice Chair: Ms Idoia VILLANUEVA RUIZ - (GUE/NGL), ES
6th Vice Chair: Mr Pietro BARTOLO - (S&D), IT
7th Vice Chair: Mr Tineke STRIK - (GREENS/EFA), NL
8th Vice Chair: Mr Karol KARSKI - (ECR), PL
9th Vice Chair: Mr Michael GAHLER - (EPP), DE
10th Vice Chair: Ms Marie Pierre VEDRENNE - (RE) FR
11th Vice Chair: Ms Inese VAIDERE - (EPP), LV
12th Vice Chair: Ms Neena GILL - (S&D), UK