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EU-India Joint Action Plan (JAP) for Strategic Partnership

At the 2005 EU-India Summit, held in 2005, leaders adopted the EU-India Joint Action Plan (the 'JAP') for the Strategic Partnership.

The JAP included five sections:
  1. Strengthening dialogue and consultation mechanisms;
  2. Political dialogue and cooperation;
  3. Bringing together peoples and cultures;
  4. Economic policy dialogue and cooperation;
  5. Developing trade and investment.
Three years later, in 2008, the Plan was updated. The 2008 JAP contained a review of the accomplishments related to the goals of the 2005 JAP. The updated document also identified four new activities, with the objective of promoting international peace and security and working together towards achieving economic progress, prosperity and sustainable development:
  1. Promoting peace and comprehensive security;
  2. Promoting sustainable development;
  3. Promoting research and technology;
  4. Promoting people-to-people and cultural exchanges.
One of the goals listed within the fourth section is "to strengthen dialogue between the two Parliaments."