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Opening of FTA negotiations with Australia and New Zealand

The European Parliament adopted by 479 votes to 123, with 17 abstentions, a resolution tabled by its Committee on International Trade, on the opening of FTA negotiations with Australia and New Zealand.

Parliament recalled that the EU, Australia and New Zealand are engaged in plurilateral negotiations to further liberalise trade in green goods (Environmental Goods Agreement) and trade in services (TiSA).

It underlined the importance of deepening relations between the EU and the Asia-Pacific region for economic growth and commended both Australia and New Zealand for their strong and consistent commitment to the multilateral trade agenda.

Parliament believed that the negotiation of two separate, modern, ambitious, balanced and comprehensive FTAs with Australia and New Zealand is a pragmatic way of deepening the bilateral partnerships. It stated that the outcome of the negotiations may act as a template for future free trade agreements.

High Seas Fishery Resources in the South Pacific Ocean

The European Parliament adopted a legislative resolution on the draft Council Decision on the conclusion, on behalf of the European Union, of the Convention on the Conservation and Management of High Seas Fishery Resources in the South Pacific Ocean.

Parliament gave its consent to the conclusion of the Convention.

Interim Partnership Agreement between the EC and the Pacific States

Following the debate which took place during the sitting of 17 January 2011, the European Parliament adopted by 540 to 120 against and 20 abstentions a resolution tabled by the Committee on International Development on the Interim Partnership Agreement (IEPA) between the EC and the Pacific States, to which Parliament will have to give its consent prior to the Agreement's entry into force in the EU.

It stresses that the IEPA is aimed at keeping the market open for exports from Papua New Guinea and the Fiji Islands and allowing negotiations on a comprehensive EPA if so desired by the states concerned.

It goes on to point out that the agreement may also have implications for relations between the Pacific region and its closest and largest trading partners, Australia and New Zealand, and that it must be ensured that the stipulations of the current agreement do not act as an impediment to future trade agreements with those countries.

The situation of 433 Afghan refugees off the coast of Australia

The European Parliament passed a resolution a resolution 6 September 2001 on the situation of 433 Afghan refugees off the coast of Australia.

On 26 August 2001 a Norwegian freighter came to the aid of a sinking Indonesian boat with 433 Afghan refugees and four Indonesian crew on board.The nearest port was the Australian Territory of Christmas Island.

In its resolution, the Parliament:
  • Recalls international conventions on the protection of refugees and asylum procedures that must be observed by all States;
  • Welcomes the fact that a solution could be found which will enable those deemed to have valid claims to be resettled in neighbouring countries;
  • Welcomes the readiness of New Zealand and Nauru to temporarily accept them;
  • Is worried by the growing number of refugees and displaced people world-wide and by increasing tendencies to resort to inhumane refoulement measures;
  • Invites the Council and the Commission to address this issue in the framework of the United Nations by identifying solutions [...]