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European Commission Proposal for an EU-Australia Framework Agreement, 2016

On 10 October 2011, the Council authorised the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to negotiate an EU-Australia Framework Agreement. Negotiations began in December 2011 and were successfully concluded with the initialling of the Agreement on 5 March 2015.

The treaty is intended to provide a strong basis for further developing cooperation on foreign and security policy, sustainable development, aid delivery, economic and trade matters, justice, research and innovation, education, and global challenges including climate change, migration and public health.

EU-Australia Partnership Framework, 2008

The bilateral relationship between the European Union and Australia is currently based on a Partnership Framework that was agreed by the two sides in October 2008.

The Framework was updated in 2009 at the EU-Australia ministerial meeting held in Stockholm.

The Framework lists five main objectives for the partnership:
  1. Strengthen bilateral and multilateral dialogue and cooperation in support of shared foreign policy and security interests;
  2. Promote and support the multilateral rules-based trading system, and consolidate and expand the bilateral trade and investment relationship;
  3. Enhance bilateral and regional cooperation and coordination between Australia and the EU in relation to the Asia and Pacific regions;
  4. Seek opportunities to cooperate on climate change, environment, energy security, fisheries and forestry;
  5. Strengthen cooperation between the EU and Australia in science, research, technology and innovation, education and culture, and to facilitate the movement of people.