Statement of 7 October 2020 on inter-Libyan talks

Statement by the DMAG Chair, Andrea Cozzolino

Following the conclusion of the second round of the inter-Libyan dialogue between delegations from the High State Council and the House of Representatives, held in Bouznika (2 - 6 October), and the second Berlin conference of 5 October, the Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with Maghreb countries (DMAG), Andrea Cozzolino, declared:

"I welcome the progress made by the Libyan parties towards a global agreement on criteria for positions of sovereignty as provided by article 15 of the Libyan Political Agreement, and congratulate the Kingdom of Morocco for its renewed initiative to overcome the divisions and bring about the much needed peace and stability to Libya".

Andrea Cozzolino stressed the importance of the support provided by the European Union to the collective effort of the international community, and notably to restore the provision of basic services and security to the Libyan people, who have endured for so long the devastating consequences of the conflict and now of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The DMAG Chair strongly upheld the address of the UN Secretary General at the Berlin conference. He recalled that all Libyans need to work towards a lasting ceasefire and contribute to the UN-facilitated Libyan Political Dialogue Forum. Andrea Cozzolino reiterated the need for an immediate cessation of foreign military interventions in Libya and for the effective implementation of the UN arms embargo.

Déclaration du 16 septembre 2020 sur la condamnation du journaliste Khaled Drareni

Déclaration du Président de la Délégation pour les relations avec les pays du Maghreb, Andrea Cozzolino, sur la condamnation du journaliste Khaled Drareni

« Je suis choqué par la condamnation en appel à deux ans de prison ferme du journaliste Khaled Drareni. Cette sentence est la plus lourde infligée à un journaliste depuis l'émergence d'une presse indépendante en 1989. Elle envoie un bien mauvais signal à la veille du référendum du 1er novembre pour l'adoption d'une nouvelle Constitution, laquelle prévoit pourtant un renforcement des droits et libertés publiques. Cette condamnation envoie aussi un très mauvais signal à la société algérienne, laquelle s'est courageusement mobilisée depuis février 2019 contre l'injustice, la corruption et pour la défense de la démocratie et des libertés.

En couvrant pour les médias les manifestations populaires et pacifiques du Hirak, Khaled Drareni n'a fait que son métier de journaliste. J'en appelle à toutes les autorités algériennes, et notamment à nos collègues du Parlement algérien pour qu'ils se mobilisent afin d'obtenir au plus vite la libération de Khaled Drareni et l'abandon des charges iniques qui pèsent contre lui".

Statement of 9 September 2020 on Libyan talks

Statement by the Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries (DMAG) on the Moroccan initiative of hosting Libyan talks.

With regard to the intra-Libyan dialogue held in Morocco on 7 September, the DMAG Chair, Mr Andrea Cozzolino, stated: "I highly welcome the willingness to engage in dialogue by the Libyan High State Council and the House of Representatives and salute the Moroccan initiative to bring their representatives together, in Bouznika, and host their meeting. This has a positive impact on the UN-led efforts of facilitation of the Libyan owned and Libyan led political dialogue. I express my hope that this dialogue, and the encounters to follow under the Berlin process, will consolidate the cease fire and will lead the way for a peaceful solution of the Libyan crisis."

Statement of 18 May 2020 on the EP approval on providing macro-financial assistance

The Chair of the EP Maghreb Delegation (DMAG), Andrea Cozzolino, welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament, on 15 May, of the Decision on providing Macro-Financial Assistance to enlargement and neighbourhood partners in the context of COVID - 19 pandemic crisis (2020/0065). Tunisia is one of the beneficiary countries of this proposed assistance which is intended to help partners cover part of their urgent external financing needs in the context of IMF programmes currently being implemented, reducing in this way their economy's short-term balance of payments vulnerabilities related to the COVID-19 crisis.

In this context, Mr Cozzolino stressed, once again, the importance of solidarity with our neighbour and partner countries and of supporting their efforts in combating the COVID-19 pandemic and its tremendous socio-economic impact. He underlined the significance of the proposed assistance in allowing policy space for measures to redress the economy, while encouraging reforms on macroeconomic management and towards renewed sustainable growth. The Chair reiterated that the Maghreb Delegation remains committed to engage with its counterparts from all partner parliaments and support joint efforts in alleviating the crisis.

Statement of 18 May 2020: EP approval of extension EU-Mauritania fisheries agreement

The Chair of the EP Maghreb Delegation (DMAG), Andrea Cozzolino,, welcomes the approval by the European Parliament, on 13 May, of the one year prolongation of the EU fisheries agreement with Mauritania, the most important fisheries agreement concluded with a non-Member State. Mr Cozzolino underlined the importance granted by DMAG to the cooperation with the Mauritanian counterparts in all areas of dialogue covered within the inter-parliamentary meetings.

Statement of 8 May 2020 on the recent calls to resume the political dialogue in Libya

The Chair of the EP Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries, Andrea Cozzolino, denounces once again the continued attacks against Tripoli, by Haftar forces, and, in general, the ongoing fighting in Libya: "the pursuit of the conflict has a terrible impact on the Libyan civilian population, which has already suffered so much". Andrea Cozzolino reiterates his appeal to all parties involved in the conflict to heed the UN Secretary General call for a permanent ceasefire.

Andrea Cozzolino stressed the need to fully support the Berlin Conference Conclusions and to implement all the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 2510, notably full compliance by all Member States with the arms embargo, including by ceasing all support for and withdrawing all armed mercenary personnel, and demands that all Member States do not intervene in the conflict or take measures that exacerbate it.

Denouncing foreign interference, Andrea Cozzolino praised the "recent calls from prominent Libyan voices to end divisions and resume the political dialogue under the auspices of the United Nations": "All Libyan parties should build on this momentum to put down the weapons and engage in a genuine dialogue. Only an inclusive political process, under the aegis of the UN, will be able to bring about a just and lasting peace in Libya".