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Textes de l’UE

Joint Africa-EU Strategy and implementation plans

The Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES) was adopted in December 2007, and the second Africa-EU Summit, held in Lisbon.

The Strategy describes the partners' intention to move towards a new relationship:

"It is now time for these two neighbours, with their rich and complex history, to forge a new and stronger partnership that builds on their new identities and renewed institutions, capitalises on the lessons of the past and provides a solid framework for long-term, systematic and well integrated cooperation."

A series of three-year plans have described the Strategy's implementation:
  • the "First Action Plan" covered 2008-2010 and was adopted at the 2nd EU-Africa Summit held in Lisbon in 2007,
  • the "Second Action Plan" covered 2011-2013 and was adopted at the 3rd EU-Africa Summit heldin Libya in 2010,
  • a "Roadmap" covers 2014-2017 and was adopted at the 4th EU-Africa Summit held in Brussels in 2014.

A related "Declaration on Migration and Mobility", adopted at the 4th Summit, also includes an "Action Plan for 2014-2017".

EU-Africa Summits

Four EU-Africa summits have been held so far:
  • The 1st EU-Africa Summit was held in Cairo in 2000.

  • The 2nd EU-Africa Summit was held in Lisbon in 2007. This summit produced the "Joint Africa Strategy" and the "First Action Plan", covering implementation from 2008 to 2010.

  • The 3rd EU-Africa Summit was held in Tripoli, Libya in 2010. A "Second Action Plan", covering implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy from 2011 to 2013, was published.

  • The 4th EU-Africa Summit was held in Brussels in 2014. This summit produced a a roadmap for EU-Africa relations (2014-2017).
A fifth summit is planned in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on 28-29 November 2017.