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Report of the EC on third round of negotiations on modernising the trade part of AA

Report of the European Commission on the third round of negotiations between the EU and Chile for modernising the trade part of the EU-Chile Association Agreement

Joint Statements EEAS-Government of Chile on 2nd round negotiations modernising AA

Joint Statements EEAS and Government of Chile on the second round negotiations on the modernising of the Association Agreement EU-Chile (chapter on political dialogue and cooperation).

EU-Chile Association Agreement

The EU and Chile concluded an Association Agreement in 2002, which included a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement that entered into force in February 2003.

The EU-Chile Free Trade Agreement is broad and comprehensive and covers all the areas of EU-Chile trade relations.

The trade pillar of the Agreement includes a comprehensive FTA pillar that has led to a significant increase in trade in goods and services between the EU and Chile.

An Association Committee and an Association Parliamentary Committee were created within the framework of the EU-Chile Association Agreement.

The EU and Chile are currently examining the possibility to modernize the existing FTA pillar, so as to ensure that it addresses all relevant aspects of the trade and investment relationship between the EU and Chile.