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Welcome from the Chair

Chair Mr Van Orden and Prime Minister of India Chair Mr Van Orden and Prime Minister of India
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India is a great nation with which many of our European countries have long-standing and very close connections.

It is also one of the small number of countries which are Strategic Partners of the European Union. As such, there is great potential for a wide range of mutually beneficial Europe-India economic, social and political exchanges.

The delegation aims to enhance mutual understanding between Europe and India to open channels of communications to help develop untapped potential. At our regular meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg, during our travels to India and visits by Indian counterparts to Europe, we aim to further expand knowledge of the opportunities offered by these important relationships.

During the 2014-2019 term of the European Parliament, the Delegation has travelled to India twice for meetings with our counterparts from the Lok Sabha, government ministers, and representatives of European and Indian business, as well as other groups. The European Parliament has received a visiting delegation of Indian parliamentarians led by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Sumitra Mahajan. We maintain very close links with the Indian Embassy in Brussels and embassies in our capitals.

Geoffrey Van Orden