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Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the site of the European Parliament's Delegation to the EU-North Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee.

As the elected Chair of the delegation, I preside over our delegation's regular meetings and act as a Co-Chair of the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) with the Sobranie - the parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia. JPC meetings take place twice per year, alternating between the working places of the European Parliament and the Republic of North Macedonia.

The JPC considers all aspects of relations between the EU and the Republic of North Macedonia, particularly the implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement. The JPC may make recommendations to the European Parliament, to the Assembly and Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, to the Council of the EU and to the European Commission.

We are working together with our counterparts in the Sobranie to strengthen the activities of the JPC. I believe that parliamentary cooperation is a key part of the enlargement process, and I will work to ensure that a parliamentary perspective is included in discussions and negotiations.

The JPC is striving to contribute to an improved political atmosphere in the country and accelerate the EU accession process. We welcome the entry into force of the Prespa agreement, which resolved decades-long name issue and praise the massive political will and courage that the political leaders had to demonstrate so as to deliver upon country's key commitments. Although North Macedonia needs to continue its efforts to further consolidate reforms of essential importance, especially in the areas of the judiciary, fight against corruption and organised crime, intelligence and security services, as well as public administration reforms, opening of the EU accession negotiations will give many benefits and opportunities for the transformation processes in the country and the credibility of the enlargement process. The less the European Union does in the country, the more others will do, but not necessarily in line with our common interests.

I look forward to working with a fully functional JPC where all parliamentary parties are represented. My delegation is ready to support our partners in their efforts and engage in a fruitful and productive parliamentary dialogue.

Andreas Schieder


Aušra Rakštelytė

Vesselina Veleva